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Bikers force Westboro Baptist Church to eat exhaust as Joplin protest abandoned

Over the weekend, a planned action by the Westboro Baptist Church in Joplin, Missouri to coincide with President Obama’s memorial to the people killed in the storms, was abandoned after a large group of bikers arrived and made things hot for them. Some truckers are alleged to have blocked members of the hate group from leaving a truck stop area until the event was over. Apparently the one guy who did manage to show up on site was a “freelance” nutcase and not actually a member of the “church.”

According to one first-hand account, reposted on Raw Story, it went down something like this:

“When the police saw what was about to happen they grabbed him and tried to push the bikers back!! Then they told the guy “run you stupid mother fucker” And I am quoting!!  We heard that more of them were blocked at a local truck stop by a few awesome truckers!! They pinned them in until it was over, not sure about this one just what we were hearing!! You may think of bikers as mean or lawless but when it comes to things like this they really step up!!!”


Posted by Richard Metzger



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