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(B)Lou’s on first? Dangerous Minds sparks clash between Blue Man Group and Lou Man Group!
06:06 am

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Lou Man Group
Blue Man Group

A little over a month ago Dangerous Minds writer Ron Kretsch reported here wondering about the actual existence of a mysterious self-proclaimed “homage” band out of Los Angeles called Lou Man Group. It all started with a video of a band all in blue face performing an audio montage of Lou Reed’s Vicious, Foggy Notion, and Walk On The Wild Side.

We didn’t know if this was an actual band, a one time gag, or a performance art video. Well, we’ve discovered it is indeed a real  performance-band and includes, albeit incognito, veteran rockers Donita Sparks of L7 fame and Carolina Parra of Brazilian electro pop band CSS.  This tribute or “homage” band as they prefer to be called is not just taking a quick walk on the wild side. In fact their debut performance at the Cowboy Gallery in Los Angeles was packed and had a surprise guest appearance by none other than Lydia Lunch bringing her vicious No New York ultravibe and lead vocals for a searing rendition of Kill Your Sons, from Lou Reed’s 1974 album Sally Can’t Dance.
A short time later, our Dangerous Minds were blown when it was discovered that the REAL Blue Man Group, having seen the post, put up this post on their official Facebook page:

“Hey LOU MAN GROUP, we liked your tribute. So we made a tribute to your tribute.”

Their video is a humorous and rocking performance of Velvet Underground’s Sister Ray, wearing Lou Man Group-esque wigs over their iconic bald blue heads and Lou Man Group costumes on their bald blue bodies. I’ll Be Your Mirror indeed.

Now, just a couple of days ago, Lou Man Group has posted a re-response to Blue Man Group’s tribute to the original tribute video! (Are you following this? There will be a pop quiz after, haha)

In conclusion, I haven’t the foggiest notion where all this is heading, but according to Lou Man Group’s enigmatic singer known only as Blue Reed:

“We’re available for art openings, TED Talks, seances, and parties at Mark Mothersbaugh’s house”


JUST IN! I just got word that Lou Man Group will be doing a performance in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles one week from today (8/13)!

Posted by Howie Pyro



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