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The Bugaloos know where Syd Barrett lives: Noel Fielding’s pop-sike ‘Luxury Comedy’

Noel Fielding’s new Luxury Comedy sees the Mighty Boosh’s “Vince Noir” going solo for a series of seven color-filled episodes on E4. Luxury Comedy is half-live action and half-animation. How can you not love something that makes overt references to Kennth Anger’s Lucifer Rising as well as Roy Wood within the first few seconds!?!?! (That’s a neat trick, I was duly impressed, Mr. Fielding.)

Fielding (playing “himself”) lives in a treehouse in a jungle, along with his band, a creature called “Smooth,” a German chick named Dolly and Andy Warhol.  Yes, THE Andy Warhol.  The music was co-written by Kasabian’s Sergio Pizzorno and Fielding.

Thank you Trey Lane!


Posted by Richard Metzger



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