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Clever student designs killer LEGO résumé for internship
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LEGO résumé
Boy, times are tough. I can remember when it was solid advice to “keep your résumé to a single page,” “use a clear, readable font,” “use decent stock paper,” and “don’t lie TOO much.” Judging by the recent résumé crafted by Northwestern University junior Leah Bowman, who stated on imgur a desire to achieve “a fun way to stand out to agencies and get my resume out of the trash can,” I’m really fucking happy that I’m past the youthful age of sending out résumés—because there’s no way I’d be able to compete with what Bowman did.

Bowman not only used the LEGO packaging as an inspiration for the design of her résumé, she also crafted a little LEGO version of herself. If that doesn’t make her stand out, then I don’t know what would—who have a chance against competition like that?
LEGO résumé
The work I do is all texty in nature, so in all my résumés (both ones I’ve read and ones I’ve written) you can “prove” your worthiness in part by not kommitting any gLaring typos in the résumé—the résumé itself helps support the case you are trying to present as a prospective writer/editor. Notice that Bowman achieved something similar with her LEGO résumé: when she states, “From client presentations to a fresh pot of coffee, Leah tackles every project with excitement and purpose. Her attention to detail and follow-through are assets in any situation,” you KNOW for a fact that she’s not kidding about that.
LEGO résumé
LEGO résumé
Bowman’s résumé has done very well on reddit the last couple days. Naturally, the super shrewd part of all of this is that Bowman is now a minor Internet sensation, so it seems fairly likely that someone she hasn’t even applied to will seek her out!

Why give this kid a mere internship? I think she’s angling for a corner office.
via Chicagoist

Posted by Martin Schneider



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