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Creepy masks give you extreme plastic surgery look
08:42 am


plastic surgery
Meike Harde

From a wild art installation titled “Too Good to be True” by German artist Meike Harde. Meike designed these masks in order to raise questions about contemporary beauty standards. The work asks: How much is too much plastic surgery?

When put on, however, they cause a contortion of the face. This is meant to show that artificially produced beauty is not always beautiful; instead it can evoke the very opposite. Furthermore the pressure to be beautiful is to be questioned and denounced.

I noticed there were no plastic surgery-style masks for men. Apparently, Meike has never seen Bruce Jenner or Kenny Roger’s mugs. Men can take it too far too, ya know!

Below, “Madame Hollywood” by Miss Kittin and Felix Da Housecat.

Via Nerdcore

Posted by Tara McGinley



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