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Gun-nutz: For the gun nut with something to prove
07:38 am



Gun Nutz
While the very idea of an ornament dangling from a gun is absurdly dangerous, the holidays are right around the corner, and I thought these might make a good key-chain for the most discerning of my misandrist comrades (perhaps with a copy of the SCUM Manifesto included?)!

Unfortunately, it looks as if Gun Nutz have gone belly-up, meaning either someone suffered a Gun Nutz-related firearm mishap, or perhaps there’s simply no market for completely superfluous, totally unsafe, and embarrassingly compensatory plastic pink testicles to adorn your AK-47.

$20 says a gun nut lost their gun nuts to a misadventure of Gun Nutz.
Gun Nutz
Gun Nutz
Gun Nutz

Posted by Amber Frost



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