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Holy Shit: Ohio man sees face of Jesus in bird droppings
01:47 pm


Jesus Christ

Proving once again how the Lord works in… um…. very mysterious ways, an Ohio man named Jim Lawry thinks he sees the face of Jesus in some… bird shit.

After visiting a McDonald’s drive-thru window in the town of Brooklyn, Ohio, Lawry noticed that a bird had crapped on his car windshield and that the mess resembled Jesus Christ. According to Lawry, the holy apparition, when seen from the outside of the car, looks like “regular bird poop.”

“A bird pooped on my car windshield and when I got inside the view was like Jesus looking down on Me,” he wrote on YouTube. “I had family + friends get in my car and they too were a bit amazed. Wanted to share this with you.”

Lawry videotaped the bird shit on his windshield and posted it to YouTube today, but then quickly removed it. I wonder why?

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Posted by Richard Metzger



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