I-Dosing Exposed! Suburban High School Kids Plagued by That Hi-Tech Sound Drug Thingy!

Thanks to XLR8R staff writer Cameron Macdonald for the heads-up. No, that’s not Cameron above.
In a heartland drenched in booze, Oxy, Xanax, sugar, and TV, it only makes sense for parents to take action on the hugely important issue of their kids listening to mind-altering sounds, right?

We’re back here again, are we, Mr. and Mrs. America?

The whole thing seems to have started this spring when KFOR NewsChannel 4 reported on a letter that Mustang, Oklahoma school administrators sent to parents about the “new and dangerous fad…called I-Dosing, or digital drugs.”

Then it was up no less than the venerable Miami Herald to stir the pot with their charmingly misleading feature, “Can digital I-Doser sounds mimic the effect of drugs?”, noting that it could possibly lead to both teh sex AND teh drugz!

[…]’s site maintains its binaural beats simulate the effects of drugs, alcohol and other feelings, such as ``first love’’ and ``orgasm’’—the site’s bestseller.

The site encourages users to spread the word—``become a dealer’’—and get 20 percent of sales. It also has links to sites selling marijuana—``legal bud,’’ ``legal hash’’—and mood enhancement pills.

And when that wasn’t enough—because, well, who the hell isn’t on “mood enhancement pills”?—News9 Oklahoma City had to keep the echo chamber intact. Note the audio is out of synch with the video—no doubt an ingenious move to zonk i-Dosed kids back to their senses.

Putting the whole hysteria aspect of this aside, one of the more maddening aspects of this came out in the Miami Herald article:

José Szapocznik, chair of the department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, said that while it’s highly unlikely a digital drug can get someone chemically addicted like a real drug, just having a teen download it should send up red flags.

``When your child is looking for an altered state of consciousness because they’re bored, or because their world is painful for them . . . that’s what parents should be worried about.’‘

Because of course there’s NO WAY that a well-adjusted kid would actually want to experiment with altered states of consciousness…RIGHT??


Posted by Ron Nachmann



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