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Adolf Hitler

If you liked the house that looked like Hitler, then you might appreciate these snaps of cats that look like Der Fürrer, taken from the website Cats That Look Like Hitler (yes, there’s a site for this kind of thing…). It’s managed by Paul Neve, who explains, on the FAQs page, why Kitlers:

Most cats possess that typically feline facial expression that implies a secret longing for world domination. All cats want to rule the world, that’s part of the nature of the species, but to be a genuine Kitler there has to be some other similarity when compared to that ever popular German/Austrian dictator. We’re looking for that toothbrush ‘tache, that most unfashionable of facial adornments. Or the flock-of-seagulls hairdo. Perhaps an evil glint in its eye, or maybe a Kitler will be Sieg Miaowing their paw all the way to their dinner plate. Of course, the best Kitlers will have all of the above.

A website about cats that look like Hitler. Are you mental or what?
Yes. Next question.

Alright, let me rephrase that last question. WHY a website about cats that look like Hitler? Where did the idea come from?
Originally, a Dutchman called Koos Plegt stumbled on the very first Kitler in his hometown of Zwolle in Holland. Once he’d picked himself off of the floor from laughing, he set up a quick blogsite with other examples of the Kitlerian species to entertain his mates. I (Paul Neve) saw that blogsite and once I’d picked myself up from the floor laughing, spoke to Koos about collaborating on a proper website devoted to that laudable example of feline prowess, the Kitler. The result is the you all now know and love. Or hate. Koos has unfortunately disappeared into a subspace vortex or something (or certainly he’s ignoring all contact) so it’s just me all on my lonesome now.

Aren’t you glorifying Hitler?
Let’s get this straight. Hitler was an arsehole. Hitler was a disgusting, pus-ridden lump of excrement from the devil’s own anus. Before we go any further, let’s just reiterate that. As such, I think it’s entirely appropriate to reduce him to an object of ridicule by comparing his physical appearance and styling to a bunch of fluffy, cute moggies.

More Kitlers can be found here.
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