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Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson: Puppets Of The Illuminati!
10:07 am


Michael Jackson
Lady Gaga

More Illuminati nuttiness today, courtesy Vigilant Citizen, and YouTube’s FarhanK501.  In the case of Ms. Gaga, Vigilant Citizen exposes the pop star as a possible extension of Project Monarch (i.e. mind-controlling) sneakiness.   Well, of course she is, what else could all that “butterfly” imagery be about?!  And have you noticed all her “eye-covering?”  That’s eye-of-Horus stuff, right there, if you ask me.  Still not convinced?  Play “count the pyramids” in the following commercial for German television.  What’s “Ms. Germanotta” selling?  I have no idea, but, hmm, I’m now suddenly recalling my life as a Green Beret.

Regarding the still oddly-unburied Michael Jackson, FarhanK501 echoes what sister La Toya‘s been claiming all along: MJ was murdered.  Not for his money, though.  No, dodging “Satanic rituals,” but still reluctant to “say too much” to Ed Bradley, Jackson, it seems, was about to blow the lid off the Illuminati conspiracy itself…or at least Aspartame.

But what’s going on here, really—why tether MJ to the Illuminati? 

Well, the reasons are probably as sad as they are simple.  Heroes die, and for often all-too-worldly reasons: loneliness, self-loathing, drug-dependency.   And that’s the last thing we want from our heroes: some suggestion that they’re mortal, of this world, one of us.  So let’s all erase what we’ve learned about the dangers of propofol, shall we, and remember Jackson’s higher purpose here: ripping the veil off a centuries-old, artificial-sweetener-promoting conspiracy.
Spotted via Coilhouse: Lady Gaga, The Illuminati Puppet

More Uh-Oh: How Not Dumb Is Gaga In The New Yorker

Posted by Bradley Novicoff



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