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Listen to ‘The Worst Demo Tape Compilation in the World’—if you dare!
04:02 pm


Robert Popper

Terrible music
We all secretly wanted a “Golden Throats” compilation for our time, and now Robert Popper of Look Around You has kindly supplied us with one.

Popper writes:

In the late 1980′s, my cousin gave me a cassette that instantly became an obsession of mine. It was a tape, compiled by a UK record company – and made purely for internal use – featuring the worst songs they’d ever been sent from the thousands of demo tapes they received each year.

There were no details of any of the ‘artists’, and it’s all quite mysterious, but as someone who has heard loads of terrible demo tape complilations, this one is definitely the best/worst. Get ready for the dullest rendition of ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’, a spooky lady singing about ‘Alfreston’ while playing the organ, and the genuinely terrifying end track, ‘All the People With the Money’. By the way, I lost the tape years ago and thought all hope was lost, until my buddy Peter Serafinowicz found it last week in a box in his office. We celebrated with a listen and a good ole sing-a-long. Hope you guys sing along too…

If your brain doesn’t melt by the time you get to the utterly demented last track, you’re made of sterner stuff than I am….

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Thank you Mark Davis!

Posted by Martin Schneider



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