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Living in a floating teepee
02:03 pm


Floating teepee

Watching the river flow.

Australian Will Woodbridge decided to leave campus life after accidentally setting off a fire alarm and then being fined $350. At first, Will lived in the back of his car, he than decided to build a raft and looked at what options he would have for shelter. He looked at cabin-type tents and finally his uncle suggested a teepee.

Will describes his lifestyle as “deliciously hippyish.”

I lived in a teepee for a year back in the late Sixties. Actually, it was a parachute that I hung from the beams of an ancient outdoor dancehall in Los Gatos, California. I read Brautigan, Kerouac, Gary Snyder and Eldridge Cleaver, lived on brown rice, rolled oats and Benzedrine.

Will seems to be living the good life. See more photos at Tiny House Blog.


Posted by Marc Campbell



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