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Mitt Romney must be cursed or something
07:05 pm


Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney just can’t get a break. Right after officially announcing his presidential exploratory committee on Monday, Romney got smacked in the face (hard) with one of his greatest accomplishments as Governor of Massachusetts: near universal health insurance coverage for the state’s residents (and the model for “Omabacare”). The smack-down came via the unveiling of an especially damaging viral video prepared by Massachusetts Democrats. In the video (see below), Romney, speaking with Chris Matthews, clearly proud of this absolutely wonderful and noble legislative achievement, comes off like the kind of Democrat many of us (being serious here) wish Obama was…

Obviously this will not do Gov. Romney any favors in the GOP primaries! Get used to seeing this same footage often.

And then, to compound this embarrassing hoisting by his own petard episode, the results of a new national CNN poll show Romney, once the presumed front runner, is now coming in fourth in polling, behind Mike Huckabee (who’s probably not running anyway), Donald Trump (tell me that doesn’t sting) and Sarah Palin, who everybody knows has no chance of getting the nomination in this space-time continuum (and who is probably not running anyway). If this poll is to be believed, now Romney has even less of a chance of winning than someone widely regarded as having none??? Meanwhile Trump’s popularity amongst likely GOP voters doubles in a month!

After coming out of the gate so strong, already Mitt’s already down there wallowing with Newt in “no-hoper” territory??? Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch and double ouch! Romney must feel like he’s been cursed. The first fuckin’ Republican to come along in decades to do something nice for the common man and now he’s unelectable!

Serves him right for being such a hypocrite.

And as if you need any more evidence of what a massive hypocrite Romney is, this blast from the past will surely erase all doubt about the man and his deeply *cough* held *cough* convictions.


Posted by Richard Metzger



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