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Republican leader’s daughter marrying a foreign-born ‘pothead’?
08:58 am


John Boehner

Look who’s coming to dinner at John Boehner’s house… a foreigner! With waist-length dreads? SHOCK HORROR… he’s a pothead!

Lindsay Boehner, the 35-year-old daughter of the GOP Speaker of the House, is set to be married in May to Dominic Lakan, a 38-year-old Jamaican-born immigrant. Lakan was arrested in 2006 in Florida in possession of less than two grams of pot. Previously, Lakan was arrested for having an open beer in his vehicle.

The National Enquirer dug up Lakan’s arrest report—they say he resembles Bob Marley—and now the right wingers are having a field day with it.

Check out the, uh, considered reactions from the folks at Free America:

Deformed America, the new abnormal.

He looks like a total filthy uneducated bum who’s latching on to a rich white girl. Holy cow, I wouldn’t let that thing come within 50 yards of me! Let’s all chip in and buy her a case of Frontline as a wedding present…

Not only the fleas, but there’s a wife beater if ever there was one! I bet he’s mean, angry & violent when he’s on drugs or booze, as well as when he’s not high. Then he’s just surly mean! I also think he is hoping & praying to his voodoo witch doctor, that he will get some portion of inheritance from Boner!

Bet he’s an Obama voter!

She’s marrying a Rastafarian? She must REALLY hate her dad.

My Lord—If I saw something like that coming out from under the sink I’d step on it.

He looks Middle Eastern to me!

This daughter is seriously out to get her parents. The Jamaican clearly does not fit with the country club and/or congressional set. The halls of power are in need of cleaning? Or what?

he looks like death sucking a life saver…

You haven’t a ball nor a dick if you let that thing get NEAR your daughter. Dear GOD, America ... what kind of person (I CAN"T say man .. ) are we putting into positions of high power? It’s time to clean house.

One Freeper decided to look on the bright side:

Better a Rastarfarian than a muzzie. But seriously, what’s with the Dr. Seuss hat?

Surprisingly—or not so surprising—this story has thus far gotten very little play in the left-wing blogsphere, as if the information itself (HE’S JAMAICAN AND SMOKES POT!) is somehow “racist” instead of merely neutral.

I wish the couple the very best. I hope they’re laughing like hell about this. Fact is, this minor brouhaha has simply got nothing whatsoever to do with either Dominic Lakan or Lindsay Boehner and everything to do with her idiot father…

I cannot wait to see wedding photos. I wonder if the father of the bride will cry?

Posted by Richard Metzger



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