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Roman shower: How to turn an ordinary shower head into a vomiting girlfriend?
08:20 am


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Japanese blogger ARuFa wanted to spice up his bathroom because he thought it was ugly and boring. In order to “gorgeous-ify” it, he came up with the brilliant idea of the DIY lady (girlfriend?) shower head! Now this is coming from a Japanese website and I do not speak or read Japanese so I’m at the mercy of Google Translate. I *think* this is what’s going on. I mean, he does seem rather pleased with the end results, doesn’t he?

While I applaud AruFa’s creativity—you can’t say he wasn’t thinking outside the box—but this emetophile‘s…. er… “wet dream” is the most horrifying shower head I’ve ever seen! I don’t think he has many girls over to his place, what do you think?

The step-by-step visual instructions are below. You can read them here IF YOU’RE INTO THIS KIND OF THING…













h/t Geekologie

Posted by Tara McGinley



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