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Things that should exist: Vintage trading cards based on ‘The Shining’
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The Shining

The Shining trading cards The Grady Twins
The Grady Twins #208
In the tradition of Portland, Oregon’s motto to “keep Portland weird,” here’s a bunch of faux-trading cards based on The Shining done up by PDX-based blog, Man is the Warmest Place to Hide. Rian Callahan, the blogger who runs this excellent 80’s horror loving site, says he created the cards simply because they didn’t exist and he thought that they should. Not only do I love the way that Callahan’s brain works, he’s also done an incredible job on the cards managing to show what looks like actual wear and tear on the edges.

Callahan says the series is an “ongoing project”, but sadly hasn’t done a new card since May of 2013. Hopefully he’s got a few more in the works because I really need to see a trading card version of Jack Nicholson’s “Here’s Johnny!” scene and Danny Torrence screaming “REDRUM!” Don’t you agree? One NSFW image is included below.
Burnt Toast The Shining Trading Cards
Say Someone Burns Toast #224
Room 237 The Shining Trading Cards
Room 237 #237
The Sno-Cat The Shining Trading Cards
The Sno-Cat #242
Decomposed The Shining Trading Cards
Decomposed! #240
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