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Thought your art degree was already useless? Meet the draw-bot!
06:03 am


Matthias Dörfelt

Cross-media artist Matthias Dörfelt has taken a strong new step towards realizing the nightmares of illustrators everywhere by creating Robo Faber, “an autonomous drawing robot determined to reproduce.” Per the Creative Applications Network:

The robot continuously creates drawings generated using a preset system Matthias developed for Weird Faces and the I Follow flip books. The system works around the idea of thinking how the drawings are created by hand and the same logic designed into the algorithm.

Each connector, or “mechanical part”  is entirely random and unique, based on the presets Matthias programmed. In this way the robot can draft an infinite amount of connectors while looking like it is sketching and thinking about a mechanism to reproduce.






Obviously, this is not exactly Botticelli - though the images produced are playful and fun, it’s primitive and bloodless stuff. So gifted portraiturists and expressive renderers can probably shrug this off - because technologies never improve, right? The device’s programming is based in Paper.js, which, to be as basic as possible about it, is a form of Javascript that incorporates vector graphics functionality. But more important than the tech, and more important than the fact that as soon as there’s a robot that can make an entire episode of South Park that’s totally going to happen forever onward, it’s really neat to watch the thing in action. So behold the end of art, and despair.

Posted by Ron Kretsch



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