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Unhappy Valentine’s Day: Kim Gordon’s Break-Up Playlist
10:12 am


Kim Gordon

The break-up of Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore in 2011 caused an amount of dismay and grief normally reserved for fictional characters or mentally deficient royals splitting. What was interesting and somewhat surprising was the music Kim turned to for comfort in the aftermath. She told Elle,  “Rap music is really good when you’re traumatized.”

Not country revenge songs about cheating in which someone gets shot? Not Nick Cave’s “Your Funeral and My Trial,” Leonard Cohen, Morrissey, or a single song from Frank Sinatra’s Only The Lonely album?

For others, the only things that helped them through the first stages of a broken heart are copious amounts of alcohol, gallons of ice cream, Patsy Cline, early Kiss albums, Dio, or The Michael Des Barres Band’s Hot ‘N Sticky. For Kim, it was old school and new rap.

Having her share her break-up playlist is like having Brian Greene explain the Higgs boson, Richard Stallman expound on software liberty, or Henry Rollins talk about self-reliance (or list his twenty favorite punk albums). It’s time to pull up a chair.

Kim and Thurston’s wedding day, 1984. Do you feel doomed yet?

Kim Gordon’s “Traumatized Good Time Tunes,” as told to Refinery 29:

Boss: Deeper:

Boss: Progress of Elimination:

Gang Starr: The Planet:

Iggy Azalea: Pu$$y:

Joey Bada$$: Wendy N Becky (Ft. Chance the Rapper):

Joey Bada$$: Unorthodox:

Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock: It Takes Two:

Schoolly D: Gucci Time:


Posted by Kimberly J. Bright



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