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We are Narcissus: Artists create anti-selfie mirror
09:16 am



French artists Chloé Curé and Bertrand Lanthiez created a “mirror” effect with just water and speakers. It’s an interactive art project titled “We are Narcissus.” The longer a person stares into the mirror and gazes at their own reflection, the more their face gets distorted—leading the person “to question their relation to their own image.” (And making it damned near impossible to take the perfect selfie!)

I like this idea. I like its message. It works perfectly with the story of Narcissus, a vain hunter full of hubris and arrogance. Lured to a lake by Nemesis, the Greek goddess of revenge and divine retribution, Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in the water, not realizing he was looking at himself. Unable to leave the beauty of his own reflection, Narcissus died there.

That’s hubris, baby.

So does this mean we’re all going to die if we keep taking photos of ourselves posing in front of mirrors? Surely you’ve heard the rumors that selfies contain carcinogens? Google it.

Watch the video below:

Via Booooooom!

Posted by Tara McGinley



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