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‘New’ theory: Roswell UFO incident may have been ‘Nazi saucer rocket’
07:48 am


Adolf Hitler

The alleged crash landing of a UFO back in 1947 was probably the best thing that ever have happened to Roswell, New Mexico, as it’s kept the Chaves County city on the world stage for over sixty years, bringing with it considerable business from UFOlogists, conspiracy theorists and a regular number of film & TV production companies.

Almost every week there’s a (supposedly) new story about the “Roswell Incident” usually relating to sighting of UFOs, or genuine info on government cover-ups, or tales of contact with little grey men or scary men in black. The latest “expose” comes from a new documentary UFOs in the Third Reich to be screened tonight on German television channel N24, which claims that the spacecraft that crashed at Roswell in July 1947 was in fact “a Nazi UFO.”

The suggestion that the Nazis were developing “flying saucers” has long been documented—in fact the US space program would not have been as successful without the import of many former German rocket scientists—and the subject matter of Nazi UFOs has also long been a staple trope of cable TV producers who know that having “Nazi,” “Hitler” or “UFO” in the title is a way to surefire success. Indeed, this piece of trivia was probably first discovered by the late journalist and humorist Alan Coren in the 1980s, when he decided he wanted a bestselling book. After skimming through the bestseller lists, Mr. Coren noticed the biggest sellers (in the UK) were books on cats, golf and Nazis. He therefore had a selection of his collected journalism published under the title Golfing for Cats with a Nazi flag on the cover. It was, of course, an immense bestseller.

Stories of Nazi made UFOs have long made the news like this story from German paper Bild in 2004
UFOs in the Third Reich claims the spacecraft that crashed at Roswell was a forerunner to today’s Stealth fighter, and was designed by the scientists behind the development of the Nazi V-2 rocket. According to the program these scientists were covertly taken to America at the end of the war to help the USA have an edge over Soviet Russia in the space race.

Amongst these scientist was allegedly the mass killer Nazi SS General Hans Kammler, who had been head of the Third Reich’s construction and defense projects, responsible for organizing forced labor factories at Auschwitz concentration camp and at Germany’s secret V-2 rocket plants.

The documentary interviews a wealth of expert historians, scientists and archivists including Igor Witkowski, a Polish ex-journalist and historian of military and aerospace technology, who wrote a book Prawda O Wunderwaffe (The Truth About The Wunderwaffe) that detailed Adolf Hitler’s plans for a Nazi flying saucer airforce or “Wunderwaffe” and wrote at length of Nazis producing a “bell-shaped” spacecraft” which they tested over Prague and Germany.

This claim is backed up by German engineer George Klein, who confirms such spacecraft were developed by the Nazis during the Second World War. In the Daily Express, Klein is quoted as saying:

“I don’t consider myself a crackpot or eccentric or someone given to fantasies.

“This is what I saw, with my own eyes; a Nazi UFO.”

Sightings of this “Nazi UFO” were made by British and American bomber crews, who reported strange flying objects over enemy territory. It is now thought that these sightings were of the “Bell” spacecraft test flights.
The ‘bell shaped’ spacecraft as imagined in the documentary.
UFOs in the Third Reich goes on to explore the possibility that another Nazi-era flying saucer, known as the “Schriever-Habermohl model” may have crashed at Roswell in 1947

The “Schriever-Habermohl model” was designed by engineers Rudolf Schriever and Otto Habermohl in Prague between 1941-1943. It is claimed that the plans for the craft were taken to America in 1945

There are many eyewitness reports that the “Schriever-Habermohl model” did fly over Prague on several occasions.

Joseph Andreas Epp, an engineer who served as a consultant to the Schriever-Habermohl project, stated fifteen prototypes were built in total.

He described how a central cockpit surrounded by rotating adjustable wing-vanes formed a circle.

The vanes were held together by a band at the outer edge of the wheel-like device.

The pitch of the vanes could be adjusted so that during take off more lift was generated by increasing their angle from a more horizontal setting.

In level flight the angle would be adjusted to a smaller angle, similar to the way helicopter rotors operate.

The wing-vanes were to be set in rotation by small rockets placed around the rim like a pinwheel.

Once rotational speed was sufficient, lift-off was achieved.

After the craft had risen to some height the horizontal jets or rockets were ignited.

“After this the wing-blades would be allowed to rotate freely as the saucer moved forward as in an auto-gyrocopter.

“In all probability, the wing-blades speed, and so their lifting value, could also be increased by directing the adjustable horizontal jets slightly upwards to engage the blades, thus spinning them faster at the digression of the pilot,” he said.

UFOs in the Third Reich will be broadcast tonight in Germany Channel N24. Of course, if you can’t wait that long, here’s one (quite similar!) that was made earlier.

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Hitler’s fake passport
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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler’s fake passport as created by the British Special Operations Executive during the Second World War.

The SOE was established in July 1940 to organise resistance in Nazi-occupied countries. British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill ordered the SOE to “set Europe ablaze.” Hundreds of agents were sent over to France to infiltrate, spy and cause disruption to the invading German army. Key to their success was the manufacture of counterfeit identity cards and passports. These were of such quality that the SOE produced a fake passport for Adolf Hitler, which identified the Nazi dictator as Jewish “with a little moustache” and giving Mr. Hitler entry into Palestine.
Via the National Archives.

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Weird private photographs of Hitler practicing dramatic gestures for his speeches
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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler
Hitler is the human symbol of evil, but his rise to power in Germany in the 1930s obviously can’t be explained by reference to that alone. There must have been some deep, underlying appeal to the man himself. In 1940, in a review of Mein Kampf, George Orwell (!!!), who was not yet the famous author he would become, wrote:

But Hitler could not have succeeded against his many rivals if it had not been for the attraction of his own personality, which one can feel even in the clumsy writing of Mein Kampf, and which is no doubt overhwhelming when one hears his speeches. I should like to put it on record that I have never been able to dislike Hitler. Ever since he came to power—till then, like nearly everyone, I had been deceived into thinking that he did not matter—I have reflected that I would certainly kill him if I could get within reach of him, but that I could feel no personal animosity. The fact is that there is something deeply appealing about him. One feels it again when one sees his photographs—and I recommend especially the photograph at the beginning of Hurst and Blackett’s edition, which shows Hitler in his early Brownshirt days. It is a pathetic, dog-like face, the face of a man suffering under intolerable wrongs. In a rather more manly way it reproduces the expression of innumerable pictures of Christ crucified, and there is little doubt that that is how Hitler sees himself. The initial, personal cause of his grievance against the universe can only be guessed at; but at any rate the grievance is there. He is the martyr, the victim, Prometheus chained to the rock, the self-sacrificing hero who fights single-handed against impossible odds.

As Orwell points out, Hitler’s appeal was largely symbolic, and, just as with every American president from FDR to Nixon to Reagan to Obama, he understood that public presentation has to be carefully staged and place a premium on non-verbal, one might even say precognitive aspects to politics and ceremony. In the preface to Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote, “I know that men are won over less by the written than by the spoken word, that every great movement on this earth owes its growth to orators and not to great writers.”

Hitler understood the power of oratory, and his success in that arena was not accidental; it was the product of a great deal of practice and careful adjustment. Heinrich Hoffmann was Hitler’s personal photographer, who took an astonishing two million pictures of the Führer. Here we see a series of photographs by Hoffmann of Hitler practicing his exaggerated hand gestures to be used in future speeches. Hitler actually characterized different effects for the various poses, such as “gebieterisch” (domineering) or “kämpferisch” (pugnacious).

After he saw the negatives, Hitler ordered that the photos be destroyed, but Hoffmann hid them away. After the seizure of his archives, they were released to the public.
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
via Downtown Camera

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It wasn’t Charlie Chaplin who first lampooned Adolf Hitler, it was The Three Stooges
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Adolf Hitler
The Three Stooges

Although it is generally assumed that it was Charlie Chaplin who first lampooned der Führer in his (still astonishing) 1940 comedy The Great Dictator, it was not Chaplin, but Moe Howard of The Three Stooges who initially parodied Adolf Hitler onscreen in an unflattering way. In fact, Howard was the first Hollywood actor, comedian or otherwise, to play Hitler, predating Chaplin’s film by about nine months.

In “You Natzy Spy,” the 44th of the 190 Three Stooges’ shorts, Moe played “Hailstone,” an idiot wallpaper hanger who is picked by three nefarious arms dealers (with Pig-Latin surnames) to run the country of Moronica as a fascist dictatorship. Curly played “Field Marshal Gallstone” (the Hermann Göring character) and Larry Fine, already limping from an on-set accident, played “Minister of Propaganda Pebble,” a character based on the Third Reich’s club-footed public relations guru Joseph Goebbels.

In retrospect, it seems odd that there weren’t more anti-Nazi films being produced in Hollywood at that time, but the reason for this is simple, if a bit shameful: No Hollywood studio wanted to lose the German box office. There were films that addressed what was happening in Hitler’s Germany throughout the 1930s, but not many. Not many at all. However, the shorts that preceded feature films were paid less attention by the studio bosses and so this one slipped by. By 1939, I think it’s safe to assume that a Hitler spoof was on the way and it was The Three Stooges who got there first.

Many, including Moe and Larry themselves, consider “You Natzy Spy” to be the finest short that The Three Stooges made working for Columbia Pictures from 1934 to 1959. It was followed by a sequel, “I’ll Never Heil Again” in 1941. The parody of the Nazi clobber seen in the film reads “Moronika for Morons” which is an obvious play on “Deutschland den Deutschen” (“Germany for the Germans”). If you listen carefully, especially in Moe’s speech, you’ll hear a lot of Yiddish dog whistles meant for Jewish audiences—all three Stooges were Ashkenazi Jews—and even a punning reference to Göring’s morphine habit!

The Three Stooges were much hipper than they ever get credit for…

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‘Heil’ in one: Chapman Bros’ crazy golf Hitler causes outrage

Golfers are invited to get a ‘Heil’ in one when a controversial crazy golf exhibition opens in Derby, England later this month.

Doug Fishbone and Friends: Adventureland Golf presents artworks by the likes of Jake and Dinos Chapman, David Shrigley, Brian Griffiths, Jonathan Allen, Zatorski + Zatorski, and Doug Fishbone displayed over a golf course.

The course begins with Jonathan Allen’s boarded up library before heading over to Brian Griffiths’ desert island. Elsewhere David Shrigley offers advice and guidance on the participant’s way round the course such as “Respect Your Opponent”. In the context of holiday fun Jake and Dinos Chapman, and Doug Fishbone have created replicas of two dictators for the course which concludes with Zatorski + Zatorski’s black mausoleum-like slabs. After this hole the ball is irretrievable. The game is over!

The most controversial exhibits are a statue of Saddam Hussein by Fishbone, and a statue of Adolf Hitler, designed by the Chapman brothers.
When a player hits a ball through the Hitler hole, the fiberglass Führer raises his arm in a Nazi salute and says “Nein, nein, nein.”

London-based, American-artist Doug Fishbone claimed the intention was not to ridicule or minimize the suffering caused by these dictators.

However, when the exhibition first opened last year in the popular seaside resort of Blackpool, Michael Samuels, of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, described the Hitler statue as having “absolutely no artistic value whatsoever.”

The exhibition has inspired considerable debate on local newspaper the Derby Telegraph‘s website.

“Bagheera” criticised the exhibition and said: “As someone who lost family members in both conflicts, I consider this grossly offensive. If this is art then, quite frankly, we would be better off without it.”

Manasas called the exhibition a “total waste of public money”, said it was “insulting to the people who died under both monsters” and called for it to be cancelled.

Fellow reader Ianrad51 said: “I think the crazy golf course with Hitler and Saddam on it is sick.”

Other readers praised Quad for bringing the exhibition – called Doug Fishbone and Friends: Adventureland Golf – to Derby.

Ben-Spiller wrote: “Ridiculing tyranny through interactive art that provokes debate about the legacy of mass-murdering bigots can only be a good thing.

“Would Hitler and Hussein have wanted their legacy to include being figures of fun on a crazy-golf course for people from all cultures to enjoy together? Most probably not. This is a good reason to do just that.

“Let’s knock Hitler and Hussein off their self-made pedestals and have fun doing so but let’s also think about the terrible impact of their cruel regimes.”

Doug Fishbone and Friends: Adventureland Golf opens at the Quod in Derby on August 31st, details here.

H/T Derby Telegraph
A tour of the golf course plus an interview with Doug Fishbone, after the jump…

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Supervillains Mashed Up With Real Life Villains
10:22 am


Charles Manson
Adolf Hitler
Butcher Billy

Real life villains get the “Legion of Doom” treatment by Brazilian designer and illustrator Butcher Billy.

Artist’s statement:

Some might say all art is a reflection of the times we live in.

If back in the day comics and movies were pretty naive and faced only as pure escapism, today’s fiction has to evoke reality to create something truly meaningful… and frightening.

This series is an experiment where a dictator, a psycho, a murderer (sometimes they are the whole package) or even a suspicious figure from real life is mashed with a comics bad guy - strangely related some way or the other with his counterpart.

The depressing thing? Realising that if the comic book supervillains were actually the ones threatening real life, the world wouldn’t be such a bad place.

See more of Butcher Billy’s designs here.





Via Nerdcore via Butcher Billy

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Heil Shitler: Hitler’s Toilet lives (in a New Jersey auto-body shop)
10:04 am

Pop Culture

Adolf Hitler

What you’re looking at is Adolf Hitler’s porcelain throne which currently resides in an auto-repair shop in Florence, New Jersey. The toilet was once used on Hitler’s private yacht, the Aviso Grille, “which was between 400 and 500 feet long.”

After the war ended, the Aviso Grille was taken to the United States and ended up in the hands of New Jersey shipyard owner Harry Doan, who illegally charged visitors 25 cents to board and tour Hitler’s Yacht. However, according to Glass, both Doan and the federal government wanted to prevent the ship from becoming a memorial to Hitler, and so it was scrapped in Doan’s salvage yard in the early 1950s.

In the 1950s, a gentleman by the name of Sam Carlani purchased Hitler’s toilet from the salvage yard for his auto-repair shop simply becasue he “needed a new toilet.”

Greg Kohfeldt bought the auto-shop from Sam Carlani almost 20 years ago, and is now the owner of the commode.

The toilet has been a ‘functional tourist attraction’ since 1952, Kohfeldt said. People would take road trips—as I had—just to see it. (Indeed, the toilet is listed in Roadside America’s online guide.)


While Kohfeldt seems proud of his object’s notoriety, he seems remarkably unexcited by the fact that he owns Hitler’s toilet.

As a side note: You think they would have at least cleaned the toilet for this photo. Yuck.

Read more of Hitler’s Toilet Is in New Jersey at Tablet.

With thanks to Adam Parfrey

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How Fritz Lang escaped the Nazis

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Fritz Lang explains how his meeting with Dr. Joseph Goebbels, the Mad Man of Nazi propaganda, made him flee Germany the very same day.

Director of Metropolis and M, Lang had been called to see Goebbels over his undisguised attack on Hitler in his 1933 film, The Testament of Dr Mabuse - which the Nazis had banned. Instead of the expected interrogation and inevitable incarceration, Doctor Goebbels offered Lang the unexpected position of Head of the National Socialist Film Studios. Goebbels explained that both he and Herr Furher hoped the director would accept. Goebbels then offered his advice on the ending of The Testament of Dr Mabuse, which he had found unsatisfactory. Instead of Mabuse going mad, it would have been better if the mobs had destroyed him with their wrath.

It’s a good story, even if the facts don’t add up. One that’s worth retelling - just to hear Lang build up the dramatic tension with his powers of descriptive narration.


Previously on Dangerous Minds

Tales of the Unexpected: William Friedkin interviews Fritz Lang


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Charles Manson is the illegitimate son of Adolf Hitler
01:32 am


Charles Manson
Adolf Hitler

I knew it! But no one would listen. It’s all in the eyes.


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Hitler reacts to Lt. Pike pepper-spray meme

Painting by Dan Lacey.
Memes within memes within memes.

We’ve entered the hall of mirrors at the sideshow.

Of the “Hitler reacts” videos, this is particularly stellar in its self-referential brilliance. 300 views on Youtube. Let’s see how fast this goes viral.

“It’s pathetic, being a meme used to mean something.”

Thanks Mirgun

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Rick Perry vs. Adolf Hitler
12:56 am


Adolf Hitler
Rick Perry

Rick Perry in 1972. Aryan superman, TexaSS division.

Thanks to Henry Baum for steering me to the Perry photo.


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Kitler: Cats that look like Hitler
01:02 pm


Adolf Hitler

If you liked the house that looked like Hitler, then you might appreciate these snaps of cats that look like Der Fürrer, taken from the website Cats That Look Like Hitler (yes, there’s a site for this kind of thing…). It’s managed by Paul Neve, who explains, on the FAQs page, why Kitlers:

Most cats possess that typically feline facial expression that implies a secret longing for world domination. All cats want to rule the world, that’s part of the nature of the species, but to be a genuine Kitler there has to be some other similarity when compared to that ever popular German/Austrian dictator. We’re looking for that toothbrush ‘tache, that most unfashionable of facial adornments. Or the flock-of-seagulls hairdo. Perhaps an evil glint in its eye, or maybe a Kitler will be Sieg Miaowing their paw all the way to their dinner plate. Of course, the best Kitlers will have all of the above.

A website about cats that look like Hitler. Are you mental or what?
Yes. Next question.

Alright, let me rephrase that last question. WHY a website about cats that look like Hitler? Where did the idea come from?
Originally, a Dutchman called Koos Plegt stumbled on the very first Kitler in his hometown of Zwolle in Holland. Once he’d picked himself off of the floor from laughing, he set up a quick blogsite with other examples of the Kitlerian species to entertain his mates. I (Paul Neve) saw that blogsite and once I’d picked myself up from the floor laughing, spoke to Koos about collaborating on a proper website devoted to that laudable example of feline prowess, the Kitler. The result is the you all now know and love. Or hate. Koos has unfortunately disappeared into a subspace vortex or something (or certainly he’s ignoring all contact) so it’s just me all on my lonesome now.

Aren’t you glorifying Hitler?
Let’s get this straight. Hitler was an arsehole. Hitler was a disgusting, pus-ridden lump of excrement from the devil’s own anus. Before we go any further, let’s just reiterate that. As such, I think it’s entirely appropriate to reduce him to an object of ridicule by comparing his physical appearance and styling to a bunch of fluffy, cute moggies.

More Kitlers can be found here.
More pix of Mein Kats after the jump…
Previously on DM

The house that looks like Hitler…apparently


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The house that looks like Hitler…apparently
04:06 pm


Adolf Hitler

Like the History Channel, the British are obsessed with Adolf Hitler and the Second World War. So bad is this obsession that even houses in remotest Wales can remind some people of the former German Führer, as the Daily Mail reports:

The Hitler house: Semi in Swansea looks eerily like Nazi dictator (complete with naff side parting)

This unassuming house in a sleepy part of Swansea is set to become a global internet sensation… for bearing a passing resemblance to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Its neat brown door brings to mind the fascist dictator’s trademark toothbrush moustache.

And the slanting tiled roof falls at a similar angle to the leader’s greased down, parted hairstyle.

Eagle-eyed tweeter Charli Dickenson spotted the curious similarity and posted the photos on her Twitter page where they have become a big hit.
Comedian Jimmy Carr re-Tweeted the image later as interest gathered on the micro-blog site.

Carr wrote: ‘Morning, here’s a house that looks like Hitler.’

It was sent on by hundreds of his followers and became a trending topic on Twitter.

Adolf Hitler’s actual family home, an unassuming house in the Austrian town of Braunau, was put on the market in 2009 priced at around £2million.

By comparison the two-bedroomed Swansea look-a-like would likely go on the market at around the £70,000 mark.

With thanks to Suzanne Moore

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Pink Hitler fashion campaign for Italian jeans company
08:49 am


Adolf Hitler
New Form

WHAT were they thinking?! Methinks the store, New Form, took it a bit too far.

The advertising slogan tells the store’s teenage and twenty-something target market to “Change Style – Don’t Follow Your Leader”.

Poster of Adolf Hitler wearing pink SS uniform sparks outrage in Italy
(via Nerdcore)

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Nazis Discuss Finding Hitler’s Corpse
01:49 pm


Adolf Hitler

Newly discovered: a tape recording of Nazi officers describing the moment they found the body of Adolf Hitler in his Berlin bunker.  While the recording was made on October 25, 1956, in a courtroom in Berchtesgaden (the place of Hitler’s Bavarian mountaintop retreat), it was unearthed only recently by researchers for the German Spiegel TV channel.

Among those giving evidence that day were Otto Guensche, an SS officer, and Heinz Linge, a valet, who first discovered the corpses of Hitler and his new bride Eva Braun.  The men speak under oath of entering the Fuehrer’s study after hearing shots ring out on April 30 1945.  “When I entered to my left I saw Hitler on the sofa,” said Linge, who died in 1980.  “Hitler had his head bent forward somewhat and I could see a bullethole approximately the size of a penny on the right side of the temple.”

Guensche, who went to his death in 1983 refusing to give details about the dictator’s end, said: “Hitler sat on the arm of the sofa with his head hanging down on the right shoulder which was itself hanging limp over the back of the sofa.  On the right side was the bullet hole.”

From that point, on Guensche and Linge started removing the bodies and preparing them for cremation.  After Berlin fell—and before their story went very far—the pair were captured by the Soviets and whisked off to Moscow.  Their testimony lay hidden all this time in Munich’s public records office. 

Recording Of Nazi Officers Who Found Hitler’s Body Released

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