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Will robots replace Lady Gaga?

Last week Dangerous Minds’ Martin Schneider posed the question “Will pole dancing robots put human strippers out of work?” After watching the video of this batshit gyrating animatronic by artist Jordan Wolfson I’m inclined to answer “maybe.” I mean I doubt they’ll be wearing bonkers witch masks, but who knows?

According to the description on YouTube:

“The figure incorporates facial recognition technology, allowing her to focus on, and unnervingly follow visitors at the exhibition.”

The piece is currently being exhibited March 6 – April 19 at David Zwirner Gallery in New York. 

Via io9

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John Nolan Sells The Cheese

John Nolan is a UK animatronics expert, and the following 88-second short might be the most charming thing you see today.  Love that blackout!

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Dancing With The Dinosaurs!
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I’m not so sure I would have clipped my cable line if American TV carried the German television show, Wetten, Dass..? (Wanna Bet..?), a show that attracts up to 50% (!) of Europe’s German-speaking viewers whenever it airs.  I mean, could you see these amazing dinosaur puppets (an animatronic extravaganza spun off from from the BBC’s Walking With Dinosaurs) popping up on Jay Leno?  The below clip features a dinosaur trio stomping their way into the studio, shocking and delighting the Wetten, Dass..? audience.  Is some of it due to the blue jeans on that ‘raptor?  I think so!

Bonus video: T-Rex Fight!

(via Coilhouse)

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