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Sacrilicious! Our Barbie of Guadalupe meets Crucified Ken

The only two English words on the Facebook About page for Argentine art duo Pool & Marianela are “Lowbrow art.” Their portfolio is loaded with exquisitely detourned children’s toys, mostly Barbie and Ken dolls refashioned into Catholic icons. If you just rolled your eyes, I totally get why, but take a look at this stuff—this is no mad-at-daddy art student hack job. All the details in the garments and packaging are thoroughly considered and painstakingly well executed.


Unsurprisingly, the duo has sparked controversy in heavily Catholic Latin America. The works will be exhibited in Buenos Aires, starting on October 11, in a show called “Barbie, The Plastic Religion.” The pair are clearly quite keen to agitate—they’re also known for making inflatable punching bags of Argentine public figures.








Lastly, check out their St. George slaying a My Little Pony. I actually laughed aloud a little bit.

Via Latino Rebels

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Barbie doll created with average US woman’s measurements is repulsive hag
Skinhead Darby and Mohawk Ben:’ Hilariously ‘insider’ punk Barbie doll Parody from 1982

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‘Skinhead Darby and Mohawk Ben,’ hilariously ‘insider’ punk Barbie doll parody from 1982
09:37 am



The only information on this video is “From the show Cheeseball. From 1982 - beta.” In spite of way more time than was merited spent in searching, zero other data has been forthcoming. (YOU try googling “cheeseball” and see what you get.) But I really wish I could find something. If this is representative, “Cheeseball” must have been a great show. Who was doing anything even remotely like this in 1982?

This has it all—white rap, detournéd toys, downward spirals, teen prostitution, ladyscaping, The Motels, social diseases, pill popping, doll abortion, threeway sex—all in rhyming, metered stanzas. LA-based DM readers might hear a few local dog whistles.

It’s pretty brilliant. If anyone reading this can help nail down a source, please don’t keep it to yourself, use the comments section.

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Barbie doll created with average US woman’s measurements is repulsive hag
07:17 am



I, for one, am baffled that anyone has sex with women at all.

Just kidding! She’s totally cute!

Artist Nickolay Lamm, who previously created “clean-faced” Barbies intended to look makeup-free, has gotton even more ambitious with his most recent conceptual Barbie project. Using the Center for Disease Control & Prevention’s measurements of an average 19-year-old woman, he has created a Barbie shaped like an actual person. Declaring, “we should at least be open to the possibility that Barbie may negatively influence young girls,” Lamm taps into a can of worms that’s been debated in parenting and feminist circles forever—when children use play to learn, is there really such thing as “just a doll?”

On some level, hyper-realistic dolls are a bit silly anyways, since anyone who’s ever been around kids will admit you can draw a smiley face on a jar of pickles and they’ll play with it like a doll. In many parts of the world, dolls don’t attempt the detail of Barbie, and people don’t have to think about dolls’ “bodies.” On the other hand, when a doll is produced with such an uncanny attention to detail, especially when it’s a hyper-stylized depiction of the sort of bodies ubiquitously heralded as “hot,” (and oh so rarely achieved via nature alone) you have to wonder if kids are internalizing the Barbie “body” as something attainable.

Regardless, it’s an interesting concept, and it says something about how deeply ingrained Barbie has become as an American icon that a realistic body makeover looks jarring and surreal.
Barbie’s got back.

Via Bust

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David Lynch sells coffee

An oldie but still freaky. David Lynch sells coffee. Which, for some reason, reminds me of Family Guy‘s Peter Griffin doing his Danny Aiello impression….

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David Lynch: ‘Ideas flow through like these beautiful little fish, and you catch them’

David Lynch’s hair compared to well-known paintings

With thanks to Krystin Ver Linden

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Celebrity Barbie and Ken Dolls
07:16 am

Pop Culture

Current Events

Donna Douglas, who played the “critter-loving bombshell Elly May Clampett” in the hit 1960s TV series The Beverly Hillbillies is suing Barbie manufacturers, Mattel over its Elly May Barbie doll. The actress filed a federal lawsuit, in Louisiana, which claims Mattel is “engaging in the unauthorized use of (her) name, likeness, image and attributes” as Elly May, as CNN reports:

Douglas never gave Mattel permission to market the doll or use her endorsement to promote it, according to court papers. Yet, the suit says, a photo of Douglas in character as Elly May is used in the packaging, and Mattel boasts in promotional material that the doll “captures the essence of the classic ‘60s TV character and show.”

Mattel said through a spokesman that the company “licensed the rights to ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ for this product through the appropriate channels.” Douglas’ attorney, Philip J. Shaheen, did not respond to requests for comment.

Douglas’ suit seeks damages in excess of $75,000 for each of four alleged violations of her right to control her public image, likeness, endorsements and publicity as Elly May Clampett, a character closely identified with her. She is demanding a jury trial.

The Daily Telegraph has published a gallery “of the other celebrity Barbie dolls that Mattel has produced over the years” and a “Top 10 Barbie Facts”:

1. Barbie’s real name is Barbie Millicent Roberts
2. She is from Willows, Wisconsin, and went to Willows High School
3. She was based on a German doll called Bild Lilli
4. Barbie is 52-years-old, having been introduced in 1959
5. The first Barbie doll cost $3 (£2)
6. She has had more than 50 pets.
7. Her boyfriend Ken first appeared in 1961
8. They split up in 2004 after 43 years
9. Barbie has had more than 80 careers including fashion model, Olympic athlete, astronaut and palaeontologist
10. She has run for the White House twice as “President Barbie”

A full selection of celebrity Barbies can be seen here.
Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Batgirl Barbies
Debbie Harry Barbie and Joan Jett Barbie
More celebrity Barbies and Kens after the jump…
Via the Daily Telegraph

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Barbie Vs. Karen Carpenter: We’ve Only Just Begun
01:55 pm


Karen Carpenter
Todd Haynes

In collaboration with Mattel Toys, Universal just announced their plans to build a live-action film around Barbie:


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