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Bette Davis speaks candidly about gender roles and sexism in little-heard interview, 1963
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Bette Davis


“If men found out how to give birth to children they’d never propose again.” - Bette Davis

Blank on Blank dug up—and made a short animation to—a delightful taped interview with Bette Davis being interviewed in her home by entertainment columnist Shirley Eder in 1963.

Davis cuts through the bullshit and openly speaks her mind about gender roles, sexism in a male dominated workforce and marriage.

I think men have got to change an awful lot. I think somehow they still prefer the little woman. They’re just staying way, way behind and so as a rule I think millions of women are very happy to be by themselves, they’re so bored with the whole business of trying to be the little woman, when no such thing really exists anymore. It just simply doesn’t. This world’s gone way beyond it. The real female should be partly male and the real male should be partly female anyway. So if you ever run into that in either sex you’ve run into something very, very fine, I think.

Davis’ quick wit and no-nonsense POV makes me love her even more.

With thanks to David Gerlach!

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Bette Davis insists she named the Oscar after her first husband’s ass, 1975
07:15 am


Bette Davis

And really, that’s just a fraction of the charm in this charm-filled clip. Michael Parkinson’s interviews are always great (he did his research and showed genuine interest), but Davis is just electric. In addition to wearing her 67 years with the utmost chicness, she’s characteristically frank and bawdy—just how you want her to be. Davis always thought of herself as an actress first and a movie star second, but it’s strange to hear her talk so casually about “trying out” films early in her career. It’s stranger still to hear her belittle her undeniable beauty, with no trace of fishing. (Bette Davis did not fish for compliments.)

Speaking of her refusal to conform to the default Hollywood starlet mode, Davis quite bluntly refers to herself as a “meddler,” who had no problem arguing with the higher-ups over her career and presentation. And for anyone who thought Tinsel Town was ever a bastion of natural beauty, she bluntly declares that plastic surgery was a presence from the get-go. It’s really a lovely moment, hearing this broad talk about her early “dreadful” films with no shame, smoking cigarettes and holding her purse. The English audience even bursts into applause at her campy Cockney accent. How can you not love her?
Jump to the 24:29 mark to watch Davis:

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Behind the scenes with ‘Baby Jane’

Here’s a little treat, a vintage, short film looking behind the scenes of Robert Aldrich’s classic movie Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Via Hidden Los Angeles

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Ruth Gordon, Mia Farrow, Bette Davis and Divine dolls

Ruth Gordon and Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby
Okay, these handmade dolls by Alesia Newman-Breen are really freakin’ great! I’m all about anything Ruth Gordon and to find this doll on zee Internets pretty much made my day. WANT!

All of Alesia’s one-of-a-kind (NOT one-of-a-series) handmade dolls are exactly that - no molds are used, no off-the-shelf factory-made components.  Each doll is made by hand with hand-sculpted polymer clay head, breastplate, arms and legs, and a hand-constructed cloth-over-wire-armature body. All garments and accessories are sewn and assembled by hand. THERE IS ONLY ONE OF EACH DOLL. Prices range from about $300 to about $600 a doll. A very reasonable price for a unique masterpiece of the dollmaker’s art. The dolls range in size from 14 to 18 inches.

Blanche and Baby Jane Hudson

More dolls after the jump…

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