Blackwater video game: Go to North Africa, make good money and KILL PEOPLE!
04:57 pm

Stupid or Evil?


DM pal Syd Garon writes:

It’s real.

I haven’t been this excited about a corporate video game since “Kool-Aid Man.” I’m putting “West Virginia Mountain Topper”, “Exxon Tanker Pilot”, and “McDonalds Minimum Wage Simulator” and this on my wish list.

The Blackwater video game came out in 2011 and was a total flop. At the time, Blackwater founder Erik Prince, told that the Blackwater first-person shooter game aimed for fun, not controversy:

“It’s a game. This is not a training device. This is not a simulator. We’re not doing this to teach folks how to conduct military operations in an urban terrain. That’s not it at all. This is more along the lines of kids running around their neighborhood playing cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians.”

If their neighborhood happened to be in North Africa and their neighbors all warlords and drug kingpins…

The two top-voted YouTube comments are worthwhile.

civiccruiser117 wrote:

the difference between this and GTA is that GTA is massive parody of American pop culture. The cities, people, vehicles, are all parodies of their real life counterparts.
This travesty is encouraging REAL scumbags who like to kill REAL people for the fuck of it. I wish we had a GTA game that let you kill Blackwater assholes..

And HisEmptyHouse wrote:

It’s good to know if I commit terrible war crimes I can look forward to an official Kinect game based on my horrifying and inhuman actions.


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