‘Sad Brazilians’: Website dedicated to Brazilians crying
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Pop Culture

World Cup

As the whole damned planet knows by now Germany slaughtered Brazil during their semi-final match yesterday. Lots of Brazilians were losing their shit and crying. I’ve never really understood the extreme emotional response some people have over their team losing (or winning). Perhaps I’m just not enough of a sports fanatic and I simply don’t get it?

Either way, there’s a website dedicated to Brazilians with serious cases of the sads over their epic loss to Germany.






via Sad Brazilians

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is an ass man (hilariously inappropriate)
11:55 am


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger goes to Carnaval in Rio. Hilarity ensues!

“You know something, after watching the mullatos shake it, I can absolutely understand why Brazil is totally devoted to my favorite body part, the ass.”

Easy to see how the former body builder, Hollywood action star and one-time occupant of the governor’s mansion in Sacramento, CA got his “Der Gropenator” nickname…

“I learned one word yesterday… BUNDA!!!

The part where he teaches her some English is pretty classic.

Thank you Syd Garon!

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Google Street View tells an odd story
12:09 pm


Google Street View Maps

Okay, This is even weirder than the hovering pliers-shaped spaceship previously spotted in the UK. You need to *click* on the woman taking a stroll at this Brazilian address: R. Flor de Tipuana - Santa Terezinha. Then look at what happens.

This is just odd, right?  But what is even stranger are the events Redditors noticed on Google Street View that follow:

Redditor anexanhume says: “I offer the following without comment.”

Redditor squidesquide then points out: “Now I feel bad for her.”

Finally, Redditor danc4498 notices: “I feel like these people are laughing at her.”

Jeez, I hope she’s all right! . 

(via reddit)

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Brazilian drug raid typography
01:38 pm


drug raids

I don’t speak Portuguese so it’s a little hard for me to tell you exactly what’s going on here, but from what I gather, Brazilian police spell out their departments’ names in acronyms with seized drugs or weapons and then take a photo of it for bragging rights.

Go to Fabio Lopez’s Flickr page to see larger image.

(via The Good Blood)

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Animation: Brazilian footballer describes New York City blackout of 1977

Brazilian footballer, Carlos Alberto Torres, describes his arrival to NYC on July 13, 1977 during the citywide blackout in this animation for Umbro.

(via HYST)

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Dilma Rousseff - Brazil’s First Female President Sworn into Office
09:13 am

Current Events

Dilma Rousseff

Brazil’s first female President, Dilma Rousseff has been sworn into office. At her swearing in, President Rousseff said:

“I know the historical significance of this decision. Today, all Brazilian women should feel proud and happy.”

Rousseff, a former Marxist guerilla who was imprisoned and tortured during Brazil’s long dictatorship for her involvement in a series of bank robberies in the 1970s, said at her 40-minute inauguration speech, “That at times this tough path made me value and love life much more. It gave me, more than anything else, courage to confront even bigger challenges. It’s with this courage that I’m going to govern Brazil.”

Rousseff has appointed nine women to her cabinet of 37 ministers - a record for Brazil, and traveled to the event in a Rolls Royce surrounded by female security guards - another first - she also said:

““The most determined struggle will be to eradicate extreme poverty. We can be a more developed and fairer country.
I will not rest while there are Brazilians without food on their table, homeless in the streets, and poor children abandoned to their luck.”

The new President gave support to “the ‘free press’ than the silence of the dictatorship.”

“I come to open doors for many other women can be presidents.

I come not to praise my biography. My commitment is to protect the weak, and govern for all.

We are experiencing the awakening of a new Brazil; innovation will be a key tool to be competitive in international markets”.

The destiny of a country depends not only on its government but of all people who live in it, I’ll be with everyone.

I extend my hand to the opposition parties. From now on I am the president of all Brazilians.”


With thanks to Danielle Delgado

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Sweet short films of Brazilian star Seu Jorge contemplating Kraftwerk’s Model
10:28 pm


the Model
Seu Jorge

New-generation samba-soulster and actor Jorge Mario da Silva a.k.a. Seu (“Mister”) Jorge has risen from drug addiction and homelessness in Rio’s Belford Roxo favelas to international renown. The world has seen the Brazilian go from playing the amazing villain Mané Galinha in City of God, to crooning Bowie tunes in Portugese as Pelé Dos Santos in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

Now filmmaker Kahlil Joseph has captured some of the Jorge magic in conjunction with the singer’s eponymous album with the group Almaz, made up of folks from the Recife-based mangue bit band Nação Zumbi. In the two elliptical b&w vignettes below, Joseph finds Jorge wandering around a tasty Hollywood bungalow, musing on his mysterious muse, The Model, the undergoddess, the Oshun. His opaque handling of Kraftwerk’s tentative klassic is a sight to be heard…

After the jump: Check out the revelation of the Model…

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Rock against repression: Gal Costa, “Milho Verde” and the banning of India

Brazilian singer and birthday girl Gal Costa started her career during the Costa e Silva and Médici military juntas in Brazil, and from the top there was no stopping her. Joining up with the renegade Tropicalia movement in 1968, Costa helped make history with a group of musicians led by Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil.

In 1973, in an atmosphere rife with governmental repression, torture and strict press censorship, Costa unleashed the album India, which sported a Sticky Fingers-esque cover that got the album immediately banned from the shelves. Based on a themed live show and arranged and produced by Gil and recently rediscovered funk-meister Arthur Verocai, India comprised a great bunch of post-Tropicalia experimental rock tunes, a version of Tom Jobim’s bossa classic “Desafinado,” and this intense version of the Portugese folk tune “Milho Verde.” 

Bonus clip after the jump: an Afro’ed Gal tears down the house in 1968 with Veloso & Gil’s “Divinho Marvilhoso” at IV Festival de Música Popular Brasileira!

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Erasmo Carlos And Brazil’s Rock And Roll Revolution
05:26 pm

Pop Culture

Erasmus Carlos

Erasmo Carlos is a Brazilian singer and songwriter who regularly appeared on the influential sixties Brazilian music tv show called Jovem Guarda (Young Guard). The show spawned a whole scene of young rockers and pop singers, including Os Mutantes, Gilberto Gil, Roberto Carlos, Wanderlea and later Maria Bethânia and Gal Costa.

Jovem Guarda came to signify a musical movement more than a mere television show. The ‘Young Guard’ bands eventually went from American garage rock and British Invasion pop styles to more adventurous music , exploring psychedelia, jazz and the avant garde.

Erasmo Carlos is still recording and hugely popular in Brazil.

In the first video (which contains footage from ‘Mondo Mod’), Erasmo performs Vem Quente Que Eu Estou Fervendo (I’m So Hot, I’m Boiling), a tasty slice of Brazilian garage rock. The second video is a compilation of clips of bands performing on Jovem Guarda.

video clips from Jovem Guarda after the jump…

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