Bollywood Chubby Checker from 1965 delivers fantastic Hindi ‘Twist’

Mehmood Ali was a quintessential Bollywood mutli-hyphenate; regarding the movie under discussion here, Bhoot Bungla (“Ghost House/Haunted House”), Mehmood (as he was credited) co-wrote the movie, produced the movie, directed the movie, starred in the movie, and, as is obligatory for a Bollywood star, performed at least one of the indelible musical numbers. One task Mehmood didn’t undertake was music supervisor, which is a good thing because the incomparable R. D. Burman had that task quite in hand.

The song is called “Aao Twist Karen,” although I’ve also seen that last word rendered as “Karein.” It sure as heckfire appears to be a cover of Chubby Checker’s 1961 smash “Let’s Twist Again.” I was going to make a joke in the headline that the Bollywood version of Chubby Checker could stand to be a good deal chubbier, but you know, the original wasn’t all that chubby! My favorite bit of this video comes when the two trumpeters aim their instruments at Mehmood’s crotch. You heard me. Go watch (You can see all of Bhoot Bungla here)

Thank you Kathryn Metz!

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