Former CIA NSA Expert Discusses Upcoming Alien UFO Disclosure by US Government

Where would we be without a good conspiracy theory? Here’s one that’s currently circulating the web, from a Doctor of Inter-Stellar Anthropology (no really), who was allegedly hired as a “special consultant” to the CIA, on the project “dubbed Red Rock,” to locate and operate a mysterious “device” that emitted all-powerful sound waves, which the Doc had to get working before 2012, otherwise we’re all dead. This, according to the voice on the video, is the reason America invaded Iraq. Hm…so that explains

The people controlling our planet DO NOT WANT YOU TO HEAR what this guy has to say, but he is a respected academic and has first hand knowledge of the real reason the US invaded Iraq and ancient, alien tech - ET disclosure in imminent, we may as well know the truth. This video explains why everyone is trying to buy up the gold, the stuxnet virus, the NWO’s plans to attack China, the real reason behind the September 11th attacks and what is going to happen on December 21, 2012.

Make your own mind up, but just remember, this guy gets to vote.


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Robbie Williams: Pop Star, Swine Flu Conspiracist
03:12 pm


Swine Flu
Robbie Williams

Those vigilant, um, veil-puller-awayers from Pseudo-Occult Media are back with some startling news about British pop star Robbie Williams: He may—or wait—may not, be deliberately seeding his music and videos with MK-Ultra mind-control sneakiness. 

POM’s recent dispatch by Benjamin Singleton, Robbie Williams In Wonderland, attempts to (once again) weave a rich, suggestive tapestry out of such disparate elements as Alice In Wonderland, The Eye Of Horus, and that old “hypnotic induction technique,” the Three Blind Mice Song.  Is it persuasive?  Not really.  Especially since Singleton himself remains totally unpersuaded:

I am undecided as to whether Robbie Williams is a mind controlled corporate slave or is just playing along or is an unwitting pawn (obviously you can never be 100% certain, I can just present what I’ve found and make conclusions where I feel they are warranted, it doesn’t mean they are set in stone by any means).  His interest in conspiracy theories might make you think he was a free-thinker but I’m not sure.

Well, Benjamin, I’m not sure either, but I’m willing to cut the possibly occult-minded Williams some slack.  Watch below as he raises a bushy eyebrow at Swine Flu and compares his own tabloid gossip to The Bible’s depiction of Jesus as “a load of made up shit.”

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