Mocata wills it so

Artist and illustrator Mark Dawes has designed this fabulous poster of one of my favorite actors, Charles Gray, in his unforgettable role as the Crowley-inspired villain Mocata, from The Devil Rides Out (aka The Devil’s Bride).

Adapted by Richard Matheson from Dennis Wheatley’s classic, occult novel, the film starred Christopher Lee as the Duc du Richelieu, who pitted his wits against Satanist Mocata (Gray), for the souls of Simon (Patrick Mower) and Tanith (Nike Arrighi).

Mark has a brilliant selection of work over at his Illustrated Blog, which myself and Mocata will you to check out….

With thanks to Mark Dawes!

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‘The Beatles Graphic’: Hervé Bourhis’ illustrated history of the Fab Four

Multi-award-winning author and graphic artist, Hervé Bourhis has produced a beautiful illustrated history of the world’s most famous pop group, The Beatles Graphic.

The Beatles’ story maybe as well known as certain Biblical tales, but Bourhis’ approach has made the whole saga - from their births, through early years and successful careers, to the untimely deaths of Lennon and Harrison, and up to present day lives and careers of McCartney and Starr - fresh and compelling. Bourhis has written the text, reviewed all of the discs, and drawn the fabulous illustrations to this delightful, fascinating and heartfelt biography.

Already available in the UK, The Beatles Graphic will be released in the US on November 1st. It’s a must for Beatles’s fans and for anyone interested in the history of modern music.

The Beatles Graphic available form the Omnibus Press.

Bonus pix plus video of French language video of Hervé Bourhis, after the jump…

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Time Ladies: Doctor Who imagined as women

This is lush. 11 Doctor Whos imagined and drawn as women by Gladys - an artist who herds “unicorns and draws nauseatingly cute things for Glee and Hetalia”. See more of Gladys’ work here.

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‘Prometheus’: Species Origin Explained

**Spoiler Alert**

Carlos Poon has created this handy guide to the species origin in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. Though it’s still probably best to see the film.
Previously on Dangerous Minds

Paper Prometheus: ‘Prometheus’ trailer made entirely of paper

Via Neil McDonald
**Spoiler Alert** ‘Prometheus’ explained, after the jump…

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‘Carry On Zombie’: An original poster by Paul Garner

Sometimes you can judge a film by its poster, as can be seen by this fab poster by artist Paul Garner for an imaginary flick, Carry On Zombie. Indeed, I’m so taken with Mr Garner’s illustration, I’d pay good money to see Sid, Kenneth, Babs and co. as the living dead.

Based in Brighton, Garner has produced an incredible array of art work for magazines, papers,  CDs and posters, all of which is available for view over at his site.

I do hope Mr Garner’s excellent poster will inspire someone to resurrect (ahem) the Carry On… franchise. Meantime, here’s a trailer for one they made earlier, Carry On Screaming.

Carry on Zombie poster copyrighted to Paul Garner.

With thanks to Neil McDonald

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