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John Boehner is so hog-tied by Tea Party demands that he needs Dems to throw him a lifeline

John Boehner
The current government shutdown has brought out the worst in the Republican Party and the pundits who align themselves with it. In a way I feel bad for regular, non-Tea Party Republicans—they’re faced with following some elusive notion of party loyalty even as most of them, possibly, are genuinely appalled by how radical the demands of the Tea Party have been. The Republican Party is (and has been for a while) the party of immediate gratification—they were happy enough to take over the House in 2010 on a head of Tea Party steam, but now they’re paying the rent on that move—and how. A savvier, more responsible party would have found a way to placate the batshit crazies on the fringe—instead they hoped to “use” them as a means for checking President Obama but now find themselves just as wigged out by where the Tea Party will take them as anybody.

At least that’s my read.

As the Beltway idiots argue about who caused the government shutdown and who’s being intransigent, in my mind it’s a settled issue. It’s sad to watch Bill Kristol on CNN try to argue that Obama’s unwillingness to open the World War II Memorial shows him to be the stubborn one. Obama has no true option—he must stand firm because the Tea Party/Republican Party has so often proven itself to be opportunistic negotiators who won’t hold to earlier promises. If Obama gives an inch, they’ll take a mile—that’s what Obama learned the last time we went through this. Curiously, Benjamin Wittes, the legal writer who helped convince President Bush to select John Roberts and Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court, is having no difficulty figuring out who’s to blame—he says this is all the fault of the Republican Party. Pity that most CNN/New York Times journos can’t figure that out.

But let’s move from the current crisis to the next one. I’m referring to government default on the national debt, of course, which clearly is the next item on the agenda of the Tea Party. Rep. Ted Yoho of Florida’s 3rd district alarmed a great many people when he was quoted in The Washington Post on Friday as saying that “I think we need to have that moment where we realize [we’re] going broke. ... I think, personally, it would bring stability to the world markets.”  Business Insider has called this “the stupidest thing said about the debt ceiling.”
National deficit chart
If you had any doubts about the Tea Party’s rabid insistence on the denial of reality and the recourse to potentially catastrophic solutions to … well… to problems as severe as a national deficit that’s been decreasing sharply over the last two years (at precisely the moment that the economy most needed stimulus) and the possibility of providing health care services to our nation’s uninsured in a way that too decreases the deficit—well, get a load of this.

Earlier today TPM reported that John Boehner’s press secretary, Michael Steel, sent out an email urging Democratic opinion-makers to emphasize the calamitous effects of a default, linking to this Bloomberg article.

You read that correctly: Boehner is so bewildered with what to do about the far right of his own party that he’s seeking help from Democrats in order to avert a catastrophe. He daren’t ask his own party members to do the same thing because they’ll just demand his ouster for ... well, for pointing out that a government default would be really bad for the country—and the entire world. Just yesterday Treasury Secretary Jack Lew was on Meet the Press reassuring viewers that a default would not be so bad, for which lefties Bob Somerby and Kevin Drum promptly chided him. That’s the context for Steel’s email—Democrats being insufficiently alarmist about the road to ruin Tea Party folks are hell-bent on taking this country on.

This ties into my overriding theory about John Boehner. I actually think he sees the current shutdown as part of a master plan to deal with the out-of-control GOP fringe. It’s likely that Boehner can properly disobey the Tea Party in a major way precisely one time. Once that happens, he’s out and most likely, Eric Cantor becomes the new Speaker of the House. I think Boehner is keeping that one rebuke in his pocket until the day that really counts—when the fight over defaulting on government debts happens.

Steel’s email is the icing on the cake. So take a moment and send the Great Orange One your prayers—he’s got an awfully tough lot, and, as annoying as he can be, I think he’s doing something genuinely patriotic here. And he’ll never get due credit for it.

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Republican leader’s daughter marrying a foreign-born ‘pothead’?
08:58 am


John Boehner

Look who’s coming to dinner at John Boehner’s house… a foreigner! With waist-length dreads? SHOCK HORROR… he’s a pothead!

Lindsay Boehner, the 35-year-old daughter of the GOP Speaker of the House, is set to be married in May to Dominic Lakan, a 38-year-old Jamaican-born immigrant. Lakan was arrested in 2006 in Florida in possession of less than two grams of pot. Previously, Lakan was arrested for having an open beer in his vehicle.

The National Enquirer dug up Lakan’s arrest report—they say he resembles Bob Marley—and now the right wingers are having a field day with it.

Check out the, uh, considered reactions from the folks at Free America:

Deformed America, the new abnormal.

He looks like a total filthy uneducated bum who’s latching on to a rich white girl. Holy cow, I wouldn’t let that thing come within 50 yards of me! Let’s all chip in and buy her a case of Frontline as a wedding present…

Not only the fleas, but there’s a wife beater if ever there was one! I bet he’s mean, angry & violent when he’s on drugs or booze, as well as when he’s not high. Then he’s just surly mean! I also think he is hoping & praying to his voodoo witch doctor, that he will get some portion of inheritance from Boner!

Bet he’s an Obama voter!

She’s marrying a Rastafarian? She must REALLY hate her dad.

My Lord—If I saw something like that coming out from under the sink I’d step on it.

He looks Middle Eastern to me!

This daughter is seriously out to get her parents. The Jamaican clearly does not fit with the country club and/or congressional set. The halls of power are in need of cleaning? Or what?

he looks like death sucking a life saver…

You haven’t a ball nor a dick if you let that thing get NEAR your daughter. Dear GOD, America ... what kind of person (I CAN"T say man .. ) are we putting into positions of high power? It’s time to clean house.

One Freeper decided to look on the bright side:

Better a Rastarfarian than a muzzie. But seriously, what’s with the Dr. Seuss hat?

Surprisingly—or not so surprising—this story has thus far gotten very little play in the left-wing blogsphere, as if the information itself (HE’S JAMAICAN AND SMOKES POT!) is somehow “racist” instead of merely neutral.

I wish the couple the very best. I hope they’re laughing like hell about this. Fact is, this minor brouhaha has simply got nothing whatsoever to do with either Dominic Lakan or Lindsay Boehner and everything to do with her idiot father…

I cannot wait to see wedding photos. I wonder if the father of the bride will cry?

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Boehner’s ‘Tea party challenger’ really a Randall Terry plant?
05:49 pm


Tea party
John Boehner
Randall Terry

David Lewis, a (primarily) Washington DC-based anti-abortion lobbyist, is challenging Speaker John Boehner in the Republican primary of Ohio’s 8th Congressional District.

“What made me want to run against Speaker Bohener, was that I found out that his words were empty rhetoric,” the evangelical Christian activist said. “I want to let the voters have an alternate choice, because it was completely in Speaker Boehner’s power to de-fund ‘Obamacare’ and Planned Parenthood.”

Lewis called Planned Parenthood “the largest killer of unborn babies in America.”

“I’m not delusional. I don’t know if I have a chance at beating the Speaker of the House,” Lewis said Friday. “But what I can do is show the Ohio voters that Boehner has a box full of empty rhetoric. He doesn’t really vote for his convictions. He’s an establishment Republican. He doesn’t believe in the tea party. He doesn’t really believe in the pro-life issues.”

He also told the Cincinnati Enquirer: “There is a saying that people will not reject abortion until people see abortion” and now RightWing Watch is reporting that Lewis is a “plant” in cahoots with Randall “Look at Me!” Terry, founder of the Operation Rescue organization. Terry, whose 15 minutes were up in 1991, is a man so desperate to have the media’s attention on him again that he’s planning to run against Obama in order to show aborted fetuses on television:

Back in 2010, anti-choice zealot Randall Terry discovered that he could get graphic anti-abortion ads to air on television by exploiting a loophole that prohibits broadcasters from refusing to run or censor campaign ads.  As such, he has been recruiting other anti-choice candidates to run for office, not because they have a chance to win, but simply as a means to air graphic ads on television.  In fact, Terry himself is running his own primary challenge against President Obama for the same purpose.

Lewis quit his job last year to become a full-time anti-choice activist and admits that he has no chance of actually beating Boehner ... in fact, he doesn’t even live in the correct district.

Confusing isn’t it? So far most of the reporting has focused on Lewis being a Tea party candidate, but it seems that’s not quite accurate (although who could have told the difference???). Is this an act of far Reich political cannibalism… or what? You can see one of his goofy, yet disturbing, ads below:

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Keep Your Boehner Out Of My Uterus!

(via the delightful Tumblr Keep Your Boehner Out Of My Uterus)

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John Boehner wah-wah pedal: A face you wanna stomp on

“Crybaby” oil on steel wah-wah pedal, 4"x10"x3”

Amusing John Boehner wah-wah pedal entitled “Crybaby” by San Francisco-based artist Jesse Wiedel.

Thanks, Kenneth Thomas!

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Republicans prove they have an ironic sense of humor as Michele Bachmann named to Intel panel

Idiot Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, whose ditzy, wingnut antics have seen her become a cable news VIP due to producers hoping she’ll say something totally stupid on air, has been named to the House intelligence panel for the 112th Congress by incoming GOP Speaker of the House, John Boehner.

The intelligence panel—sworn to secrecy—receives national security briefings in a secure conference room. How will a low IQ BIGMOUTH like Michele Bachmann ever be able to keep national security secrets? They’d have been better off nominating Julian Assange to the position!

Unless, of course, shutting her up was Boehner’s Machiavellian intention in the first place. That, and forcing journalists and bloggers the world over to use the word “intelligence” in the same sentence with the name Michele Bachmann. Used to be that you could google Michele Bachmann and “intelligence” and nothing would come up. Not any more! That John Boehner, he’s a real card, ain’t he?

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Leftwing media wakes to the the facts (or lack thereof)
10:04 am

Current Events

John Boehner

I have no idea if this is true or not and I really don’t care in the slightest, aside from the obviously pleasurable schadenfreude that comes with seeing a sanctimonious right-wing tightass feel the heat. Who really gives a shit if Oompa Loompa-orange Republican House leader John Boehner (OH) is having an affair or not (besides, of course, his wife or election opponents?) To me, the bigger story here is that some folks on the Left have (finally) decided to get a little nastier in the lead-up to the crucial mid-term elections. IT’S ABOUT FUCKIN’ TIME!

Republicans have demonstrated for well over 20 years that they will say and do anything to get into power and hold onto it. No lie is too big or too small for the GOP. Facts? Don’t talk to me of facts because no one CARES about facts anymore and the Republicans have known this since at least the Reagan-era. (I recall watching the televised Iran Contra hearings and thinking at the time: “These fucks are going to get away with this because the story is too complicated for the general public to care about it.” Sure enough… next came the Savings and Loan crisis where George Bush the first used billions in taxpayer money to bail out friends and his son, Neil. Another story too complicated to rile the public up much, of course).

In this day and age, politics IS skullduggery and that is the way the game’s got to be played. Do two wrongs ever make a right? Probably not, but in modern American politics it’s got less to do with doing unto others as you would have them do unto you and a lot more about doing it TO them before they can do it to you. If one side plays by those rules, then the other side has no choice but to play the same. It’s about time the Left realizes this. Read more at The Daily Kos and Page Six.

One last thing: Note that he doesn’t deny it. No proof of anything, but if I was asked if I cheated on my wife, I’d have a ready answer. Why doesn’t Boehner?

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Hell No You Can’t!
09:10 am


John Boehner
Hell no you can't
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