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‘Hey Baby, I’m Your Telephone Man’: ‘Sexy’ double entendre novelty hit of the 1970s
12:45 pm

One-hit wonders

Meri WIlson


Singer/model Meri Wilson recorded several double entendre novelty songs—inane, catchy ditties totally inappropriate for little kids to sing—which is, of course, why her naughty little number “Telephone Man” became so unstoppable in the summer of 1977:

“Hey, baby, I’m your telephone man
You just show me where you want it and I’ll put it where I can
I can put it in the bedroom, I can put it in the hall
I can put it in the bathroom, I can hang it on the wall
You can have it with a buzz, you can have it with a ring
And if you really want it you can have a ding-a-ling
Because-a hey baby, I’m your telephone man”

Those of your reading this who are of a certain age are no doubt groaning in pain at the memory.

Wilson had a follow-up number called “Peter the Meter Reader.” She later updated her biggest hit to “Internet Man.”

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