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Amy Winehouse Teapot

The Amy Winehouse teapot by artist Charles Krafft and Mike Leavitt. As Dangerous Minds pal Adam Parfrey puts it, “Here’s how everyone can enjoy Amy Winehouse forever, and also pour poppy tea…”

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Matthew Barney ‘Cremaster’ action figure, w/ naughty bits

Anatomically correct(?) Matthew Barney Cremaster action figure from Mike Leavitt’s brilliant ongoing Art Army project, which will be part of an upcoming Leavitt solo show at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City, running September 10th thru October 8th 8, 2011.

More examples of Leavitt’s artist action figures with Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami and Julian Schnabel, seen above and below that, a “group shot” of several artists closely associated with Juxtapoz magazine. Check out Mike’s online store here.

Below, a trailer for Barney’s Cremaster cycle.



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Whimsical wedding cake toppers by Mike Leavitt

John and Yoko - $1200
John Cage and Merce Cunningham - $800
Harold and Maude - Sold
Here’s a fantastic collection of wedding cake toppers by seattle based artist Mike Leavitt. It’s totally worth a look. From Mike Leavitt’s website:

No longer shall little random plastic people rule the top of your cake. Why suffer the cruelty of impersonal sculpture poisoning the cake frosting you lick from your fingers? Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, online bingo… The cake topper figurines can be of any person in any style. Some ‘cake toppers’ aren’t even the bride and groom, just plain loved ones. The finished figures are protected and sealed from any frosting surface damage. For further protection, they aren’t posable with the multiple body part pieces like the action figures. These are finely crafted sculptures that will be enjoyed as long as the union of love that they honor.

(via The Jailbreak)

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The Elton John: Hand-Painted Toilet Seat
05:06 pm


Elton John
Mike Leavitt

Size: each 15?

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