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‘Skool Of Rock’ mix: over 60 minutes of fist-pumping Disco-Rock anthems

OK, enough of the hating between the rockers and the disco-freaks! This ain’t the damn 70s, so why can’t we all just get along? In love, peace and some sweat-drenched bell bottoms? Besides, there is a big crossover between these two supposedly “opposing” genres.

About five or six years ago, at the height of both nu-disco and the Italo revival (and while I was releasing music under the name Trippy Disco), I found myself playing more and more vintage disco records with crashing power-chords and wailing axe solos. Because of the “sell out” accusations that these kind of records attracted at the time (from both camps) it’s a side of disco that’s been neglected, even though I love those sounds. So, I decided to put together an hour’s worth of my favourite disco/rock records, and, lo, the ‘Skool Of Rock’ mix was born.

I decided not to feature anything too “New Wave” or post-punk as the disco influence on those sounds was already very obvious, though I did get to slip in a few acts who would technically be classed as “disco” but who dipped into “rock” now and again (Edwin Starr and Giorgio Moroder, for instance.) And accordingly, there’s also the obligatory disco cash-ins by some of your favourite rock acts (Queen, Bowie, ZZ Top.)  Besides that, there are some real gems here, including the Patrick Cowley remix of Tantra’s “Hills Of Katmandu” which is one the most “fuck yeah!” fist-pumping disco anthems of all time.

So, you might love this mix, you might really hate it, but either way here it is: 

Skool Of Rock Mix by Theniallist on Mixcloud


ELO “Don’t Bring Me Down (Trippy Disco Re-Edit)”
ROCKETS “On The Road Again”
CHILLY “For Your Love”
KISS “I Was Made For Lovin’ You”
TANTRA “Hills Of Katmandu (Patrick Cowley Megamix / Automan Edit)”
LED ZEPPELIN “Whole Lotta Love (Acapella)”
MATERIAL “Bustin’ Out”
ZZ TOP “Legs (Metal Mix)”
MACHO “Not Tonight (Dimitri From Paris Re-Edit)”
SKATT BROS “Walk The Night (Album Version)”
QUEEN “Another One Bites The Dust”
WINGS “Goodnight Tonight (Trippy Disco Re-Edit)”

You can download the ‘Skool Of Rock’ mix here.


David Bowie performing “Stay”, live on Muzikladen, Bremen 1978:



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‘The Tube’ 1983 NY clubbing special ft New Order, Klaus Nomi, Paradise Garage & more

The Tube was an early-to-mid 80s British “yoof” TV program covering music and fashion, hosted by Jools Holland and Paula Yates. This special report comes from sometime around 1983 (the date is unspecified but we know that Klaus Nomi has already died) when Holland and guest presenter Leslie Ash take a trip around New York’s most happening night spots. That includes the Paradise Garage, Danceteria, The Roxy and even a brief, passing glimpse of CBGBs.

If you can ignore the cheesy presenting style (“Wow! Clubs in New York stay open until FOUR o’clock!”, “I hear this club has a “happening” sound system.” etc) there are some great interviews here, as well as some priceless footage inside the clubs mentioned. So we get the likes of Arthur Baker talking about producing New Order, Nona Hendryx and Quando Quango performing live, Afrika Bambaataa on the turntables at The Roxy,  The Peech Boys backstage at the Paradise Garage, and Ruth Polsky and Rudolph of Danceteria talking about their good friend, the recently deceased Klaus Nomi: 

Thanks to Andrew Pirie.

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Material, featuring LaBelle’s Nona Hendyrx, on The Dangerous Minds Radio Hour

Calling all rock snobs! In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve started to make podcasts of The Dangerous Minds Radio Hour available on the blog. Every couple of weeks, Brad Laner and I will get together and do our best to entertain you with fun, obscure, and often wacky avant garde music, hit singles and… more.!

If you were listening you’d have already heard this amazing track, “Take a Chance” by Material, featuring LaBelle’s Nona Hendryx, a fierce, spaced-out, glammed up soul diva if ever there was one.

Have a listen. You don’t know what you’ve been missing, so how will you know if your life is complete without The Dangerous Minds Radio Hour in it? Listen to show #3 here.

To download episodes or subscribe to the podcast please go to our Internet radio partner

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