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Thee Industrial Poppy Cult Has Come


Dangerous Minds friends Feral House / Process Media are having a Winter Solstice Mega-Sale. FH/Process are the publishers of the recently mega-covered books Thee Psychick Bible and Love Sex Fear Death. They have a buy-2-get-1-free sale. Which means that you could buy the two books above and get a copy of any of their fine books… including the just-released Opium for the Masses. Which means you could be in a candy-colored-cloud and doing godawful sorcery in NO TIME. FH says:

For you Solstice gift givers, we offer you a special HOLIDAY BOOK SALE: for the next three weeks only, buy any two books from Feral House and get a FREE book of your choice! (Book must be of equal or lesser value to the least expensive book). Offer good until January 1, 2010.

(Feral House / Process Media: Thee Industrial Poppy Cult Has Come)

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Process Church of the Final Judgment Event in NYC


Artforum covers the recent Process Church event in NYC:

LEGEND HAS IT that a young L. Ron Hubbard once bragged to his friends that he was going to start a religion and make a million dollars. We all know how that went. Less known is a far smaller rogue offshoot of Scientology that exerted disproportionate influence on late-1960s and early-?

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LOVE, SEX, FEAR, DEATH: The Process Church of the Final Judgment



Our friends at Feral House and Process Media are co-hosting this event at The Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles:

Was The Process Church truly “one of the most dangerous Satanic cults in America”? Or were they an intensely creative apocalyptic shadow side to the flower-powered ‘60s and New Age ‘70s? Scores of black-cloaked devotees swept the streets of New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, and other cities selling magazines with titles like “Sex”, “Fear”, “Love” and “Death”, and a theology proposing the reconciliation of Christ and Satan through love. Marianne Faithfull, George Clinton and Mick Jagger participated in Process publications and Funkadelic reproduced Process material in two of their albums. The inside story of this controversial group has at last emerged with Feral House’s LOVE, SEX, FEAR, DEATH by Timothy Wyllie and other former members. Feral House and Process Books present a re-creation of an actual Process Church ?

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