Axl Rose is looking rough
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Axl Rose
Rock 'n' Roll

I’d imagine that no matter what this poor girl was thinking when this photograph was taken, the morning after realization must have been enough to induce a deep, deep psychosis.
With thanks to Scott Mclaughlin

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Led Zeppelin: Rocking the Gladsaxe Teen Club for Danish TV in 1969

Roughly 6 months after their first gig (where they were billed as ‘The Yardbirds med Jimmy Page’) this is Led Zeppelin giving a hint as to why they will dominate venues and stadia across the world during the 1970s.

Recorded at the Gladsaxe Teen Club, Denmark, for TV Byen / Danmarks Radio on March 17, 1969, Led Zeppelin perform “Communication Breakdown”, “Dazed and Confused”, “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”, and “How Many More Times”. Impressive and tight, this was what I considered as “grown-up Rock ‘n’ Roll” when I was young - the kind of music you studied after achieving good grades in Bowie and Bolan - and forty-three years on, it is still a cracking masterclass.


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Hell Yeah! There is a Future for Rock ‘n’ Roll: 3 Children Play Rammstein

Children Medieval Band might not be the most catchy of names, but listen to these kids play, and Hell yeah, there is a future for Rock ‘n’ Roll!

CMB cover 3 Rammstein tracks and this is what their blurb says on You Tube:

Only 5 yrs and 8 mo, Cornelia is helping her older brother and sister to record one of their favorite songs. Rammstein has some amazing compositions, likeable to younger kids too.

Not much the wiser, but fuck Simon Cowell, these youngsters offer a Hope that music can still mean something more than just the homogenized corporate bullshit piped out in malls, downloads and TV shows.

2 more CMB covers, after the jump…
With thanks to Colin Somerville

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