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Truly demented cosplay: The Joker meets Ronald McDonald
09:30 am


Ronald McDonald
The Joker

Lord have mercy! This awe-inspiring Joker meets Ronald McDonald cosplayer is sinister as hell! Damn, there could be a movie based around just this character!

And here I thought Willard Scott as Ronald McDonald was the most demented look. I was wrong.

Photographed at the San Jose’s FanimeCon 2013 by David Ngo.

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The Original Ronald McDonald or The Joker?

This is some scary shit. If I was confronted with an evil-looking clown like this creepy-looking, hamburger-obsessed motherfucker wanting to sell me some processed meat products when I was a child, I think it would have changed the course of my life and not for the better.

The original Ronald McDonald was really the John Wayne Gacy of corporate mascots, wasn’t he?

In retrospect, viewing this commercial, the entire history and worldwide growth trajectory of the McDonalds multi-national corporation appears to be a massive global conspiracy to cause severe obesity in the population, and making billions of dollars in the process. What if???

P.S. If it’s not obvious, Ronald is played here by future Today Show weatherman Willard Scott. I can never look at him the same way ever again… THIS is where evil dwells!

P.P.S. Something else occurred to me and that is that playing Ronald McDonald might be a great second act for hapless former CNN reporter Rick Sanchez…

Via Slate/Exile on Moan Street

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Ronald McDonald is feeling McGuilty

McGuilty by JSalvador Design
(via Super Punch)

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