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Human Remains found at Queen’s Estate, Sandringham, England

Though there is a terrible tragedy at the heart of this story, I do wonder what David Icke will make about the news that human remains have been discovered on the Queen’s estate, Sandringham, in Norfolk, England.

A police investigation was launched after a dog walker reported discovering the remains around 16.00 hours on New Year’s Day. The Queen and Prince Philip, who are currently staying at the estate were told of the find on Monday night.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

The body was discovered shortly after the Royals attended a church service on Sunday.

Police said that a “detailed search” was being carried throughout the area of woodland in Anmer, near King’s Lynn, which is east of Sandringham House.

It remained unclear on Monday night how long the remains had been there, if they are in fact a body, if they had been identified, or the age of the victim or victims. The dog walker has also not been named.

The story has set David Icke’s forum buzzing, where one commentator (no doubt in regard of Icke’s theory that the Royals are shape-shifting, reptilian cannibals) wrote:

‘What if everyone suddenly foud out that David was right all along? It would blow their fucking minds. Spooky start to 2012…....’

Come to think of it, has anyone seen Icke recently?

Here’s Mr icke on money, religion, royalty and shape-shifting.


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