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The ‘Smile Bitch Training Camp’
10:02 am


Smile Bitch Training Camp

This video for the “Smile Bitch Training Camp” nails exactly what happens to a lot of women just minding their own business. On a daily basis. In fact, it just happened to me on Tuesday as I was booking my ass to Urgent Care for an asthma attack. I was walking past a gentleman sitting on a bench who said, “Why you got look all sad? You’re too fine for that, you need to smile, sweet cheeks!”

I glared at him with complete hatred. Gasping for air I answered, “I’m having a fucking asthma attack, asshole!”

Are you a woman who finds it hard to smile AT ALL TIMES? Are men constantly begging you to smile in public? Sign up for the “Smile Bitch Training Camp!” We’ll teach you how to smile like a lady!


“Thanks to the Smile Bitch Training Camp, guys never have to have their day ruined by seeing my unhappy face!”

Why do some men do this?! It’s perplexing! Stop it!

via Jezebel

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