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The most idiotic moment on Fox News so far today

Fox and Friends’ resident cheerful idiot Steve Doocy is obviously one of the stupidest people on television. Doocy comes off as so completely brainless that his utterly gormless co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Elisabeth Hasselbeck look good (or at least slightly better) by comparison. One would have to think that Fox News viewers with low to barely average IQs would be perceptive enough to realize that Steve Doocy is an abject buffoon. I don’t think SNL even does Fox and Friends parodies anymore, do they? Why bother?

In any case, this morning Doocy made a game attempt to get a small number of “Fox fans” (as he called them) to react negatively to the new multigender bathroom signage at Illinois State University (This is the latest “outrage” on Fox News, in case you aren’t aware of it, even though they are for single-occupancy restrooms!)

Here’s how it went down, live on Fox News as Chyron captions read: “Bathroom Boondoggle: Are New Gender Signs Just Too Confusing?” and “Gender Bender”!

Doocy: “See, they were designated as ‘family restrooms’ in the past and now, apparently, they’re going to be known as ‘all-gender’ restrooms! Does that make sense?”

Woman: “Restrooms for both genders.”

Doocy: “That’s right. Bathrooms for both genders, or transgenders!”

Man: “Transgender, that’s right.”

Unable to rile up even the slightest bit of “moral” indignation, let alone any anxiety even among these “Fox fans,” the floundering Doocy quickly threw it back to his co-tool Brian Kilmeade in the studio who then, astonishingly, offered up pretty much one of the truest things that I’ve ever heard a Fox anchor say (if only accidently):

“Well, they’re better people than us.”

Yes, indeed they are. Most people are better people than bigoted Fox News morning show hosts, I’d have to agree with that and this segment proved it. In spades!

Just yesterday, Fox News ran a story mocking the University’s attempt to accommodate everyone with equal respect.


Bonus clip, Steve Doocy before his tenure at Fox and Friends, back when he was a serious journalist…
Via Media Matters

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Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins asks child about the ‘costs of the government’ on her shoulders!
04:45 pm


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Media Matters has a great look at the way Fox News covered the Tea party rallies in Nevada recently. Comparing it to Woodstock although there were but 8000 attendees. One of their anchors saying “God bless these folks.” And of course covering the stump speech mumblings and goofy patriotic platitudes of their own on-air personality, Sarah Palin as if she was Abraham Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg Address.

Everyone describes Fox News as the GOP’s propaganda arm, but even more than that, it’s the network for stupid people. Fox’s anchors, “experts” and “reporters”—clearly—are as blinkered and as uninformed as their enraged, mouth-breathing viewers. Think about it: If Fox News didn’t exist, could Steve Doocy get a job in the news industry anywhere outside of Florida? At Fox News his bungling white guy idiocy is valuable commodity! His corporate overlord Darth Murdoch pays him an estimated $2 million dollars per year to say inane things on teevee! Incredible. Doocy must be the all time inverse-IQ-to-wealth ratio champ! Well played, dummy!

Below, thrill to the sight of nudnik Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins as he asks a child how she feels bearing the “costs of the government” on her shoulders. What a fucking knob this guy is. Here he asks a woman what her dog thinks about Obama’s policies.


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