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For sale: Lovely Massachusetts home, harbor and ocean access, haunted by T.S. Eliot
08:17 am


T.S. Eliot

A Gloucester, Massachusetts house in which the great 20th century writer T.S. Eliot spent some 20 summers is for sale. Like pretty much any stately home on the New England coast, it’s just absolutely grand. Nestled between Gloucester Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean, it sits among some of the most humane surroundings 1.3 million dollars can offer. And according to the seller’s late husband, Eliot is still there.

“My husband used to claim that he used to see T.S. Eliot’s ghost or hear his ghost,” [Dana] Hawkes said. “He said, ‘Maybe this will inspire me to write a novel.’ Because my husband, before he passed away, was working on a novel. But, yeah, he felt that there was some spiritual entity here within the house.”

Eliot’s ghost is not mentioned among the amenities in the real estate listing for the estate, which is now up for sale.

Though he was born in St. Louis (in a house that evidently no longer stands, or he’d presumably be haunting that one), his was a Brahmin family, and as he was educated at Milton and Harvard, Eliot’s Boston-area roots were deep. The poet lived in Great Britain, of course, for much of his adult life.






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