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Amazing vinyl toys of Bill Murray, Mighty Boosh, IT Crowd, The Shining & Christopher Walken

Tubbs & Edward from The League of Gentlemen

UK-based advertising and design company A Large Evil Corporation has these amazing vinyl dolls they’re creating daily for their blog to get into the Halloween spirit. I’m completely drooling over the The League of Gentlemen and Mighty Boosh vinyl toys. I never thought in a million years I’d see Tubbs and Edward dolls! They’re just brilliant!

Keep checking out A Large Evil Corporation’s blog as they’re adding new ones all the time. I’m curious as who or what they’ll do next (and if one can purchase these masterpieces? It’s unclear.) Maybe a Jill Tyrell figure (played by Julia Davis) from the dark British comedy Nighty Night?

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Christopher Walken

The Hitcher from The Mighty Boosh

The Torrances from The Shining
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The Mighty Boosh: A killer remix of Kraftwerk Orange’s ‘Electro Boy’
01:23 pm


The Mighty Boosh
Electro Boy

Here’s a groovy extended dance mix of Kraftwerk Orange’s “Electro Boy” from the fabulous The Mighty Boosh comedy series.

Driving along on the plastic dream
Heart beats fast like a tiny machine
I am electro boy
I am electro girl
Skating along on the perspex scene
Crystal moccasins, bionic cheese
I am electro boy
I am electro girl”

Featuring Neon, Ultra and Johnny Two Hats.

And don’t forget, The Human League invented music.

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The Bugaloos know where Syd Barrett lives: Noel Fielding’s pop-sike ‘Luxury Comedy’

Noel Fielding’s new Luxury Comedy sees the Mighty Boosh’s “Vince Noir” going solo for a series of seven color-filled episodes on E4. Luxury Comedy is half-live action and half-animation. How can you not love something that makes overt references to Kennth Anger’s Lucifer Rising as well as Roy Wood within the first few seconds!?!?! (That’s a neat trick, I was duly impressed, Mr. Fielding.)

Fielding (playing “himself”) lives in a treehouse in a jungle, along with his band, a creature called “Smooth,” a German chick named Dolly and Andy Warhol.  Yes, THE Andy Warhol.  The music was co-written by Kasabian’s Sergio Pizzorno and Fielding.

Thank you Trey Lane!


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Pogo’s ‘Mighty Boosh’ mashup is a thing of warped beauty

Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt of The Mighty Boosh bookend some weirdo who wandered into a Boing Boing photo shoot.
As a hardcore Mighty Boosh fan, I am ashamed to say that I only just discovered this wonderful Pogo mashup of bits and pieces from the late great BBC comedy show, which may have been the funniest and most surreal thing to ever appear on the airwaves.

The title of the piece is “Zoo Zoo” and features Pogo’s trademark tight edits/cuts in which shards of dialog and soundtrack are transformed into seamless musical collages filled with quirky charm.

I am patiently awaiting a Mighty Boosh feature length film. Pleeeeeease.

Let the good vibes begin…

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‘If you don’t like ‘Snuff Box,’ you’re an asshole’

I’ve practically been an evangelist for Snuff Box for these past five years, so I’m happy to report that at long last one of the decade’s hidden comedic gems will finally be coming out on DVD stateside. Snuff Box will be released in the US by Severin Films on October 11th.

What is Snuff Box? It’s the legendary BBC series written by and starring Britain’s Matt Berry (The IT Crowd, Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place) and American Rich Fulcher (The Mighty Boosh, The Sarah Silverman Program) that only aired once yet instantly entered cult infamy. It’s a combination of depraved sitcom about a pair of jovial hangmen and twisted sketch comedy ala Monty Python, filled with bad first dates, time travel, sex, whiskey, awkward moments, random beatings, snappy musical numbers, one very long white hall, rampant swearing and other pleasures. It’s the show critics have called “one the best kept secrets in the history of British comedy,” now on DVD for the first time ever in America!

Featuring commentaries from Berry, Fulcher and director Michael Cumming, “testimonials” from well-known fans of the show, behind the scenes featurettes and outtakes. There’s even a separate CD of Matt Berry’s striking original Snuff Box soundtrack music, a treat in itself.

Have a look at the new trailer featuring Simon Pegg, Paul Rudd, Noel Fielding, Rob Coddry, Rob Schrab, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Paul Scheer and yours truly. What Paul Scheer says at the end is, of course, totally true…

Previously on Dangerous Minds:
Snuff Box: The Best Sketch Comedy Show You’ve Never Heard Of

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Rich Fulcher’s Saturday Night Fuchfest, this weekend in London

This Saturday night in London town, it’s Saturday Night Fulchfest!

Featuring that zany, madcap American in London himself, funny man Rich Fulcher, best known for his multiple roles in The Mighty Boosh and his own nasty piece of work, cult creation Snuff Box (with Matt Berry).

Appearing with Rich will be the very talented Alice Lowe, Pat Cahill, Brett Domino and the marvelous Simon Munnery (AKA “‘The League Against Tedium” from Attention Scum!). He’s also promising a very special exciting GUEST STAR.

Saturday Night Fulchfest, May 7th @ The Bull and Gate, 389 Kentish Town Road
Door: 7:30PM, £14.00, get tickets here

Listen to the “Gone Riffin with Rich and Abed” podcast on iTunes or get the RSS feed here.

Below, Rich Fulcher interviewed in Los Angeles recently on the Dangerous Minds talk show:

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Rich Fulcher: Loose in Los Angeles

Rich Fulcher (The Mighty Boosh, Snuff Box) explains the ritualized degradation exercise practiced here in Hollywood known as “pilot season”; Rich also discusses the upcoming Mighty Boosh album recorded in NYC last year and his lead role in the recent Jackal Films short My Old Baby, a “tragic true story of a baby afflicted with a rare degenerative condition, with horrific irreversible symptoms.”

Visit Rich Fulcher’s website here.

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Zappa Plays Zappa/Mighty Boosh double bill during 3 day Frank Zappa celebration in London
12:58 pm


Frank Zappa
The Mighty Boosh

I once saw an interview with The Mighty Boosh, where Noel Fielding described their comedy as being for people who grew up listening to Frank Zappa. Falling as squarely into that quite particular demographic as I do, maybe this is why I resonate so much with their work. Certainly, for me, the inventively choreographed musical production numbers on their three TV series—think bohemian Busby Berkeley—were the highlights of each show. Kinda like The Monkees, in that way. The best Boosh episodes always have great musical payoffs.

When I caught the live Boosh experience at the Roxy last year, a primarily musical event, I must say, in true Paul Crik-parlance, they fucking killed it.

This weekend in London, Fielding and his comedic/musical partner in crime, Julian Barratt, will be co-headlining what looks to be an incredible musical event, celebrating the life and music of Frank Zappa, along with the Dweezil Zappa-led Zappa Plays Zappa band at a festival at the Roundhouse:

The three-day series of events begins tomorrow with a discussion between Frank’s wife Gail Zappa, his musical assistant Ali N Askin (who worked with him on his classical piece ‘The Yellow Shark’), computer synclavier programming expert Todd Yvega, and recording engineer Frank Fillipetti, the first engineer to work with The Zappa Family Trust on reissuing unreleased Zappa material. This precedes a performance of ‘The Yellow Shark’ by the London Contemporary Orchestra – the last album to be released before Zappa’s death in 1993, it features some typically Zappa-esque song titles; ‘G-Spot Tornado’, ‘Dog Breath Variations’, ‘Get Whitey’ and ‘Be-Bop Tango’. This will be followed by ‘Wild Imaginings – The Music That Influenced Zappa’ also performed by the LCO, giving an insight into Frank’s influences that ranged from Stravinsky to 1950s doo-wop, grungy rock ’n’ roll and jazz icon Eric Dolphy. 

Yet it will be the Zappa Plays Zappa band that should provide the highlight of the celebrations on a double bill with cult British comedy duo The Mighty Boosh on Saturday. The ZPZ band have performed in the UK before but this should be particularly special as the band will feature original Zappa sidemen including Mothers of Invention singer / guitarist Jeff Simmons, anarchic bassist Scott Thunes and woodwind / keyboards player Ian Underwood. They’ll play Frank’s best selling album Apostrophe in its entirety as well as other selections from FZ’s vast repertoire. With The Mighty Boosh’s Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt providing their own take on Zappa’s music and a comedy sketch recreating actual dialogue from Zappa’s infamous Old Bailey obscenity trial, plus Frank himself making an appearance to ‘play’ live with son Dweezil, this will be an epic and aptly surreal tribute to this truly unique musical visionary.

Frank Zappa: 70th Birthday Celebration, Roundhouse, London NW1, November 5 to 7, 2010

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The Art of Noel Fielding: Bryan Ferry vs The Jelly Fox
08:51 pm

Pop Culture

The Mighty Boosh
Noel Fielding

Nice! Multi-talented Noel Fielding of the Mighty Boosh has an upcoming show of Bryan Ferry-themed paintings at London patisserie Maison Bertaux and a new non-narrative (that could mean a lot of things!) program coming up on the E4 network. From the Guardian:

Noel had his first show there in late 2007 and he’s looking forward to the launch of this one. “I was thinking of getting everyone to wear Bryan Ferry masks and then I’ll dress up as the Jelly Fox and challenge them to a mass game of badminton. Or something.”

This makes more sense when you know that the show is to be called Bryan Ferry vs The Jelly Fox. It will feature a shrine to Ferry, including a large portrait of the Roxy Music singer, as well as a picture of a tree, with Ferry masks hanging off, and another with a headless man on a hill, a Bryan Ferry kite flying high above his neck. The Jelly Fox is part of another convoluted fantasy, a little like The Wizard of Oz, in which three characters go in search of the Jelly Fox: “This one doesn’t speak, this one says ‘Am I nothing?’ and this one, Little Chrissie, is the main narrator.” . All may end up as part of a new series Fielding is making for E4.

What will it be like? Well, there are random stories in it, though Fielding says he got a little bored of narrative after the third series of the Boosh on BBC3. But he doesn’t want to make a traditional sketch show, either. Not that his explanation of some of the concept (he’s living in a jungle and becomes the local newsreader) sounds traditional, though he insists he’s partly inspired by the Kenny Everett show.

Noel Fielding’s Life of Bryan (The Guardian)

Childmen in New York (with recent Boosh Q&A at the 92nd St Y) (The Velvet Onion)

Thank you Paul Gallagher!

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Rich Fulcher: Tiny Acts of Rebellion

Rich Fulcher (Snuff Box, The Mighty Boosh) previews his gaggle of upcoming shows in Los Angeles, discusses the life and loves of his Eleanor the Tour Whore character and tells viewers about a few of the devilish insurrections of his new book, Tiny Acts of Rebellion: 97 Almost-Legal Ways to Stick It to the Man.

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Star Wars vs. The Mighty Boosh
09:52 am


Star Wars
The Mighty Boosh

“When you are the moon, the best form you can be is a full moon. And then the half moon… he’s all right. But the full moon is the famous moon. And then three-quarters, eh, no one gives a shit about him. When does he come, two days in, to the calendar month? He’s useless. Full moon. The moon. The main moon.” - The Moon
(via Nerdcore)

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Tiny Acts of Rebellion: Rich Fulcher Flips Off Los Angeles
08:27 am


The Mighty Boosh
Rich Fulcher
Snuff Box


Rich Fulcher, the cheerful madman you’ve laughed yourself senseless at in Snuff Box and The Mighty Boosh flips off Los Angeles (its trees, its pay phones, its landmarks) in this promo video for his new book Tiny Acts of Rebellion coming soon to a bookstore near you!

Next join him in London to fuck off Big Ben!

(Photo of Rich Fulcher and Richard Metzger taken by Xeni Jardin at the shoot for an upcoming Boing Boing Video feature on Fulcher.  The video was shot by longtime Dangerous Minds pal Eric Mittleman)


Previously on Dangerous Minds:

Bunny and The Bull: New Film from Mighty Boosh director Paul King



I can’t wait to see the surreal new British comedy Bunny and the Bull, from Mighty Boosh director Paul King. Although it keeps getting referred to as “The Mighty Boosh movie” (and looks quite Booshian) it’s not, the Mighty Boosh just happen to be in it.



Here’s the clip:

Bunny and The Bull review


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Meeting The Mighty Boosh, a Timelord and the best writer on television today… Not a bad 24 hours!



Had a wonderful day in Pasadena, California interviewing the very charming David Tennant and Russell T. Davies for an upcoming episode of Boing Boing Video.

At first my reaction to meeting them in Pasadena was “Isn’t bringing someone from England to Los Angeles and sticking them in a hotel in Pasadena a bit like inviting a Yank to London and putting them up in Croydon?” but the Langdon Hotel (formerly the Ritz-Carlton) is in fact a lushly opulent palace on 23 nicely landscaped acres with a Michelin star restaurant. It was a great place to shoot.

I got a chance to talk with the former Timelord about what if was like to turn in his TARDIS for the very last time and ask Russell about writing his final “Who” script, the recent Transatlantic triumph of the “Torchwood: Children of Earth” mini-series and about his recent move to Los Angeles (sneak preview: he’s been here for six weeks and he already misses the rain!)

Meeting the Mighty Boosh (and seeing them in concert last night at The Roxy) and then sitting today with David and Russell has made for a very exciting 24 hours.

Look for Xeni Jardin’s Mighty Boosh interview—if you were standing in that monstrous seven block line last night, you’re probably going to see your bad self in the final piece, at least briefly—and this one to show up next week on Boing Boing Video.

A special thank you to Devin Johnson of BBC America for making this happen.



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