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Senior citizen Wonder Woman cosplay
10:01 am

Pop Culture

Wonder Woman

Here’s a priceless bit of cosplay from the Rose City Comic Con last weekend in Oregon, a “Golden Girl” version of Wonder Woman! From the looks of it, Wonder Woman has probably traded in the invisible plane for something more practical like an invisible motorized scooter.

And oh how her once-mighty boobs have now fallen! Even Wonder Woman’s source of power, her magic golden belt is accessorized with a fanny pack where she presumably keeps her pills. She’s even replaced her bulletproof bracelets with yellow rubber dish gloves, and she’s taken up smoking (because why not?). And what of Wonder Woman’s Golden Lasso of Truth? It’s now a catheter tube attached to her hip.

It’s like Mick says, what a drag it is getting old.
Via reddit

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Wonder Woman and Sailor Moon had a massive vogue throwdown in Stockholm
06:44 am


Wonder Woman
Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon and Wonder Woman
A few assertions about this video.

This video is designed to puzzle stodgy old people—I include myself in that group. This video has everything that appeals to youth in it, and nothing that makes sense to old people. We have finally attained maximum youthiosity.

This video is mildly NSFW unless you work in an anime production shop.

If this video is any indication, vogueing is one part breakdancing and one part being a spaz.

The world sorely needs more dancing competitions that involve cosplay.

The only word that adequately describes this video is “COMMITMENT.”

(via Lost at E Minor)

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Bette Midler is Wonder Woman: Comic book characters painted onto vintage albums
09:21 am


Wonder Woman
Bette Midler

Wonder Woman LP Painting
Artist Robert Jimenez reworked iconic vintage LPs with with Marvel and DC comic book characters. I’m dying over The Divine Miss M cover!

Sadly, each one was selling for around $40 and they’re all sold! Maybe he’ll make more?

Batgirl LP Painting

Dr. Strange LP Painting

LOBO LP Painting

Batman Catwoman LP Painting
Via Laughing Squid

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‘There is still no good reason why a Black girl can’t be Wonder Woman’
10:44 am

Current Events

Wonder Woman
Jay Justice

Meet cosplayer Ms. Jay Justice. She’s fierce in these photos as Wonder Woman, isn’t she? Well, According to Jay Justice’s Tumblr she’s terribly tired of two things: 1) being told Wonder Woman is white and 2) being told she can’t be Wonder Woman.

Jay Justice writes:

Why not? In Crisis on Infinite Earths in the DCU, there was one Earth where Superman and his wife were black. In the New 52 DCU, there is an Earth where Wonder Woman is black too. And even if there wasn’t, there is still no good reason why a Black girl can’t be Wonder Woman.

I want everyone to know this. I want to show all of the fans who tell me that they’re afraid to cosplay their favorite characters because they’re not white, that you CAN be whoever you want to be, that you WILL be supported and accepted. That fandom isn’t majority racists and bigots, that there are enough of us out here who just want to have fun together to make it all worthwhile.

Wonderful message.

Jay Justice is currently “fighting for the opportunity to be Wonder Woman at PAX Prime, promoting DC Comics’ Infinite Crisis.” And if enough fans support her in this, she just might… win.

You can support her by voting here.

With thanks to Ian Quinn!

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Wonder Woman vs. Kiss

Lynda Carter’s rock and roll fantasy from her 1980 TV special Encore.

I find this an almost perfect collision of pop culture iconography that could have only existed in the era of spandex, platform shoes, disco balls and hairspray - twixt the end of the punkish 70s and the dawning of the gloriously absurd 80s.

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Primeval Trekkies

I love this photo because I totally understand the use of a wastepaper basket as a hat. You gotta use what’s around you when you’re broke and trying to improvise on the spot. 

In the 70s I wanted to be Wonder Woman real bad, but I was stuck with a shitty Dorothy Hamill haircut my mother had given me. So, I put one of my mother’s dishtowels on my head for the long luscious locks-look and was completely convinced I was fooling the world. 

(via Nistagmus)

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Wonder Woman Sculpted From Wonder Bread
11:53 am


Wonder Woman
Lynda Carter
Wonder Bread


Flickr user mleak stands next to her full-size sculpture of Wonder Woman, made from 11 (only 11?) bags of Wonder Bread. Slightly less hot than Lynda Carter… slightly. ComicsAlliance reports:

Somewhere on the grain-based Earth-9, the rolls and croissants of Breadmerica cried out for a vitamin-enriched warrior of peace and “Wonder?Ǭ

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