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HELL-O: List of banned band names from Christian radio station
08:11 am


band names

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I’m pretty damned certain I’ve seen this “banned bands” list before on a Tumblr or something a few years ago. Anyway, WFMU posted the list on their Twitter yesterday and it made me giggle like a little kid. The list is from Seton Hall University’s heavy metal radio station WSOU and it’s kinda hilarious.

According to this notice any mention of the “Devil, Satan, God, Jesus or any other Catholic references that are portrayed in a negative light should not be discussed on air.”

Bands like Adolf Satan, Jesus Eater, Cannibal Corpse, Alabama Thunderpussy, Smother Theresa, Mighty Sphincter, Bongzilla and my personal favorite… HELL-O.

And if you say any of these bands names or play them on air, “YOU WILL BE SUSPENDED!”

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