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Brothel menu from 1912 is as naughty as it gets
07:31 am



Last week feminist blogger Amanda Marcotte tweeted an amazing piece of history: a brothel menu from 1912 curated by famed London madam and the owner of two parlours, Mrs. F.A. Tasse.

The menu is some straightforward shit. Read the paragraph below to see what I mean:

No discount for cash. Stink fingers and jerking-off matinees for young men under 21, every Wednesday from 2:30 to 4. Customers must enter with cash in one hand and tool in the other. If you are not a self-starter, stay at home and jack yourself off.

I can’t help but laugh at some of the options. I mean, this is something that would make even the Trailer Park Boys blush!

  • Blowing in the asshole, new style… 1.70
  • Finger fucking, with juice… .50
  • Sitting on prick, shoving in stones and all… 2.59

“New style”?

Some people on the Internet are saying this is fake. According to a few folks online this was something printed and sold in the vaudeville era to make people laugh. Kinda of like tourists merchandise. Others are saying, “Yeah, this is remarkably fake. Look at the font - it’s obviously a computer generated and printed font.”

Now I’m not going to type out all the specialties, but you can read a larger version of the menu here.

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