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Artist wears chicken flesh gimp suit
08:58 am


chicken suit

Because art. London-based artist Lewis Burton dressed-up in a handmade raw chicken skin suit—very Buffalo Bill-esque, ain’t it?—and walked around (or shall I say “posed around” or perhaps “freely ranged around”?) tourists on Trafalgar Square.

The documented results are then used to create viral material, stimulating the social sphere and allowing it to redefine itself by acting as a platform for dialogue as well as a source of contemporary consumer culture.

~ snip

The artist wanted to start a conversation about commodification with the chicken being an object which inhabits almost every walk of life, often grown in cages as a commodity. They have become a part of the fabric of everyday life.

There might be other ways to accomplish this, but I admire his… whatever it is. I just hope he has no open cuts or sores that might contract salmonella bacterium. Apparently, he also did this on a very hot day. Oh gawds.



via In Spring City and Nerdcore

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