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Firearms are a girl’s best friend: Handguns beautifully embellished by Tiffany’s
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Smith and Wesson .44 New Model No. 3 Single-Action Revolver, serial no. 25120, sent to Tiffany’s in November of 1888
The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a collection of Louis Comfort Tiffany that would make your head spin—lighting, jewelry, furniture, stained glass landscapes—all manner of lux design with those trademark Tiffany saturated colors and organic shapes. It was a family business. It was only after the death of his father Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1902 that Louis Comfort Tiffany start really focusing on jewelry design and more romantic pieces.

Prior to Louis’ redirection of the brand, the Tiffany name was associated with luxury glass and silver goods of a much more robust variety, like the collection of handguns you see here from the Met. There is art nouveau, distinct middle eastern and Japanese influences, and ornate engraving reminiscent of scrimshaw. Some of the pieces were displayed at exhibitions to demonstrate Tiffany’s gorgeous work, the others were commissioned for wealthy patrons. One would imagine such finery would be kept somewhere in a glass case as a conversation piece, but you’ll notice some wear and tear on some of the pieces that may be evidence of use.

Detail from the 25120

Detail from the 25120

Detail from the 25120

Smith and Wesson New Model No. 3, .44 Caliber Double-Action Navy Revolver, serial no. 23060, shown at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago,1893

Detail from the 23060
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Gun-nutz: For the gun nut with something to prove
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Gun Nutz
While the very idea of an ornament dangling from a gun is absurdly dangerous, the holidays are right around the corner, and I thought these might make a good key-chain for the most discerning of my misandrist comrades (perhaps with a copy of the SCUM Manifesto included?)!

Unfortunately, it looks as if Gun Nutz have gone belly-up, meaning either someone suffered a Gun Nutz-related firearm mishap, or perhaps there’s simply no market for completely superfluous, totally unsafe, and embarrassingly compensatory plastic pink testicles to adorn your AK-47.

$20 says a gun nut lost their gun nuts to a misadventure of Gun Nutz.
Gun Nutz
Gun Nutz
Gun Nutz

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It’s take your gun to Starbucks day: No really, it is and people are doing it right now
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Current Events


Guns—lots of ‘em—and really strong coffee. What could possibly go wrong?

You might expect something like this from Chick-fil A, but did you know that it’s “Starbucks Appreciation Day,” as organized by Second Amendment enthusiasts in as many as 30 states? Apparently so according to the Facebook page that was set up for it. Might be a good day to test out the java at Dunkin’ Donuts, eh?

“Starbucks is allowing us to lawfully carry firearms in their store. Recently, they have been the target of unjust attacks from certain groups that do not support our right to bear arms. We will thank starbucks for standing up for our right to bear arms by going there on Friday, August 9th. We ask that if you choose to carry a firearm during this event that you follow all local, state, and national laws; and if you choose not to carry that you wear pro-gun rights apparel.”

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America had this to say at their Facebook page:

TELL STARBUCKS TO STOP ARMED RALLIES AT ITS STORES ON AUG. 9: More than 2,000 gun advocates are planning armed rallies inside Starbucks across the country on Friday as part of “Starbucks Appreciation Day,” which honors the company’s lax gun policies. More than 30 states allow open carry without a permit, screening or training. Starbucks has the legal right to prevent gun in its stores, just like it bans smoking outside its stores.

Tell Starbucks it is not ok to endanger our children and families

To say nothing whatsoever about the SAFETY OF THEIR OWN EMPLOYEES, for fuck’s sake! (“You screwed up my mocha latte ON PURPOSE, you lib’rul barista piece of shit. You think you’re funny, don’t cha?” and so on.)

Fred F. Cuomo-Tondalo left this scathing comment on the guns and caffeine fanpage:

Yeah in Newtown Starbucks they are having cutouts of the Newtown kids who were killed for target practice while you digleberries drink your lattes

Pretty much…

But Jame Yeager, the wag who posted the below pic of “the event,” on its fanpage asking for captions, had the best comment of all:

Moments later they formed an ass to mouth human centipede.

BOOM! Some university researcher needs to study the correlation between gun permits and Viagra prescriptions. There should at least be a legal provision in our gun laws stating that you must be able to actually SEE your own dick to own and carry a firearm.

Jame also posted THIS.

Via Joe.My.God

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Stevie Wonder boycotts Florida: Could the Sunshine State become the new Sun City?

Stevie Wonder and Nelson Mandela
Stevie Wonder and Nelson Mandela

During his concert Sunday in Quebec City, Stevie Wonder declared he would not be playing Florida again until the abolition of “Stand Your Ground,” the law that allowed George Zimmerman to go free after murdering Trayvon Martin. His impassioned speech to the crowd:

The truth is that—for those of you who’ve lost in the battle for justice, wherever that fits in any part of the world—we can’t bring them back. What we can do is we can let our voices be heard. And we can vote in our various countries throughout the world for change and equality for everybody. That’s what I know we can do.

And I know I’m not everybody, I’m just one person. I’m a human being. And for the gift that God has given me, and from whatever I mean, I decided today that until the “Stand Your Ground” law is abolished in Florida, I will never perform there again. As a matter of fact, wherever I find that law exists, I will not perform in that state or in that part of the world.

Because what I do know is that people know that my heart is of love for everyone. When I say everyone I mean everyone. As I said earlier, you can’t just talk about it, you have to be about it. We can make change by coming together for the spirit of unity. Not in destruction, but in the perpetuation of life itself.

Wonder is no stranger to artistic boycotts. He was a part of a wave of musicians who refused to play South Africa’s Sun City resort to protest apartheid, even penning a song, “It’s Wrong (Apartheid)” to raise awareness. It’s possible Wonder’s declaration could spark a trend of boycotts to shame Florida into overturning its draconian laws.

Of course, boycotts today don’t really have the same cultural context they once did for Apartheid. Last November, Wonder himself played a concert for Israeli Defense Forces, in spite of emphatic demands from activists for artists to boycott Israel in protest of the Palestinian occupation. Overwhelming international public sentiment opposed Apartheid, which was easily identified as cut and dry racial segregation, but for the west, the topic of Israel is mired in Islamophobia, and is much more difficult to organize around. Likewise, we have a lot of paranoid, reactionary gun nuts in this country, and artists might argue that playing Florida isn’t an endorsement of a single law. Regardless, I do think famous spokespeople (for better or worse) help steer the national dialogue, and we need to do everything we can to keep focus on the abolition of the “Stand Your Ground” law.

Via Vulture

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Toy collector unknowingly showcases a dildo on his TV show, hilarity ensues!
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sex toys

“What a wonderful idea for a gun. Quite mad, but great fun.”

Yep, it sure is great fun, Mr. Hendrik Ball!

Previously on Dangerous Minds:
Man outraged after receiving threatening dildo in the mail from tractor supply company

Via Gawker

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Gun Crazy: How will the NRA react to the new information revealed about Newtown massacre?

On her MSNBC program last night, Rachel Maddow warned people who were personally affected by the mass murder in Newtown, Connecticut that they might want to change the channel as new information has been made public about the tragedy. Via The Raw Story:

The Hartford Courant reported Wednesday that the shooter, Adam Lanza, fired a total of 152 bullets in less than 5 minutes, killing 20 young children and 6 adults. Lanza used a Bushmaster AR-15 semiautomatic rifle and had 30-round magazines. As Maddow noted, he only needed to reload his weapon four times before killing himself with a pistol.

“Had he only had access to ten-round magazines instead of 30-round magazines he would’ve had to reload 14 times,” she continued. “He would’ve needed 14 spare magazines beyond the one in the gun with the extra round in the chamber. Reloading 14 times. You think he would’ve still pulled off the whole thing in less than five minutes?”

Contemplate that for a moment. I don’t ever think there’s ever going to be a time when guns won’t be a part of American life, but this cuts straight to the heart of the matter about allowing semi-automatic weapons as a society.

As someone who was born and raised in rural West Virginia, I grew up in a household where there were guns. Guns for protection, my father isn’t a hunter. He’s not really a gun “enthusiast” in any way, really, but he’s got a few. Considering where my parents live, it did then and it still makes total sense to me why my father would want to have a gun around the house for an emergency situation—it would take the sheriff at least 30 minutes to get to their house. In a life or death situation, frankly, I can well understand wanting to own a firearm for protection, but especially if you live way out in the boonies.

In the American spectrum of opinion, on most matters, I would describe myself to the far, far left. On the matter of gun control, however, I’d describe myself as almost “neutral,” but can anyone tell me why in the world any civilian would need to own an weapon that can fire a fucking 30-round magazine for ANY PURPOSE OTHER THAN KILLING A LOT OF PEOPLE IN A VERY SHORT TIME FRAME?

I’m truly not an anti-gun person, but the NRA and its little bitches, the GOP, have got to scale one hell of a logical precipice to make a better argument than is made here.  I mean, seriously, come the fuck on, WHO NEEDS A BAZOOKA???? This is getting ridiculous…

I think Michael Moore is right: If the country saw photos of those dead kids in CT, the ban on semi-automatic weapons would be all but assured and there would be nothing the NRA or the Republicans could do about it.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Buy This Leash or We’ll Shoot This Dog
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Get your naughty pooch in line with a gun-shaped retractable leash from Art Lebedev Studios. I wonder if the designers got the idea from the infamous National Lampoon cover of a dog with a gun pressed to its head? It sure looks like it. Whatever the case, it’s brilliant!

Povodokus sports a gun-shaped handle, which retracts the leash when you need to control your target dog. It’s a sure shot!

The lead goes out freely as the dog pulls and reels in when you pull the trigger.

(via Who Killed Bambi?)

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At the foot of the mountains of madness:  Fat, nude, longhaired Jew shrooming and firing off .357s

I lived in Northern New Mexico during the late 1960’s and from 2003 to 2008, right at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo (blood of Christ) mountain range. This is an area that has drawn artists, outlaws, visionaries and lost souls for decades, from D.H. Lawrence to Dennis Hopper to the New Buffalo Commune and the Rainbow Tribe. The mountains are thought to have mystical powers, both good and bad. It is said they can mess with a man’s mind. I lived in Taos, which a friend once called “the world’s largest open air mental institution”, and I saw the flow of neo-hippies coming into town blending with the old guard who had been living there for decades. It was a wild mix of 1960’s Aquarian Age values and a kind of longhair punk nihilism - a fascinating blend turning a bit moldy at the edges and slightly rotten at the core.

Dennis Hopper was busted in the mid-1960’S in Taos for walking into a town council meeting brandishing a shotgun.

Shot in New Mexico, the “fat Jew on shrooms” video (Rob Tyner, is that you?) is a comically surreal version of the kind of madness you’ll find in the high desert, on the mesas and in the bloody mountains. The altitude can turn a simple psychedelic trip into something straight out of a Castaneda book and, in this dude’s case, something gonzo from Hunter Thompson. I don’t know how ‘real’ it is, but at 10,000 feet above sea level shit happens. Whether shroom boy is having a bonafide mystical experience or just going apeshit for the camera doesn’t matter. It’s the vibe, man. And the vibe is spooky.

In New Mexico, guns, pot and longhair are totems of some new bizarre breed of hippie outlaw.

The other video included here is from a film called “Off The Grid” and is the real deal. I knew these folks in the video. I had a store not far from where they lived on the mesa and they were my customers. Many were Vietnam vets, a few were clinically insane, others were social outcasts or folks just looking to live the simple hippie life. I liked most of them. But a few had feral children that saddened me. Dirty and hungry, these little kids were living in poverty and squalor, not by their own design, but by the choices their parents, mostly quite young themselves, had made in deciding to live outside of society.

The directors of “Off The Grid” were told by the folks depicted in the film never to screen the movie in Taos. If they did, they’d regret it.

A little comedy followed by something a bit more serious. The connection between these videos is kind of tenuous; longhairs with guns. That’s something I never imagined during the Summer Of Love.

Life off the grid after the jump…

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