High school senior’s hilarious yearbook prank
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Clayton County, Georgia high school senior Paris Gray could possibly be held from walking at graduation this year due to her—IMO, brilliant—yearbook quote. Paris’ clever quote, “When the going gets tough just remember to Barium, Carbon, Potassium, Thorium, Astatine, Arsenic, Sulfur, Uranium, Phosphorus” which translates to on the periodic table “Back That Ass Up.”

In its entirety:

When the going gets tough just remember to back that ass up.

Paris, who’s a senior class vice president, a member of SADD, the Beta Club, and a leader on campus said, “I think their reaction was beyond what it should have been because nobody understood it.”

Paris was kept from participating in the senior walk, and she was slated to give the inspirational speech at the graduation ceremony, but says an assistant principal told her she was out



“My first reaction was, you are such a nerd,” said Gray’s mother Zarinah Woods.

Paris’ mother is meeting with the area superintendent and the principal today to sort everything out. I really hope Paris gets to walk in the graduation ceremony. She deserves it.

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I-Dosing Exposed! Suburban High School Kids Plagued by That Hi-Tech Sound Drug Thingy!

Thanks to XLR8R staff writer Cameron Macdonald for the heads-up. No, that’s not Cameron above.
In a heartland drenched in booze, Oxy, Xanax, sugar, and TV, it only makes sense for parents to take action on the hugely important issue of their kids listening to mind-altering sounds, right?

We’re back here again, are we, Mr. and Mrs. America?

The whole thing seems to have started this spring when KFOR NewsChannel 4 reported on a letter that Mustang, Oklahoma school administrators sent to parents about the “new and dangerous fad…called I-Dosing, or digital drugs.”

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